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Trailer Talk: ‘Conan: The Barbarian’

— by LYNN TACKITT — Of all the movies that Hollywood is remaking, I find myself actually a little excited about this one. I loved Schwarzenegger in “Conan.” Yes, his acting was minimal but his fighting was action packed and let’s face it, how intellectual do you expect a ba[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Conan the Barbarian’ (Teaser Version)

— by SHERICE ANTOINETTE — Jason Momoa is not Arnold. There I said it. Yes, I am very aware Momoa’s look is similar to Robert E Howard’s Conan. That in itself is pretty cool. However, even though Momoa has the physical attributes of the famous barbarian, in the trailer, he[...]

Is It Just Me or Did the Conan Movie Just Get Hotter?

— by CAM SMITH — With the reboot/revamp/re-(insert useless buzzword here) of “Conan,” the once and former Barbarian and Destroyer, speedily getting ready to roll before cameras in Eastern Europe, with previously-announced stars Jason Momoa and Mickey Rourke signed, sealed[...]

About That New ‘Conan the Barbarian’ Movie …

— by CAM SMITH — Despite being more than 70 years old, with hundreds upon hundreds of short stories and comic books tales to his potent name, for the majority of movie-goers, the character of Conan the Barbarian starts and ends with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Certainly, it’s not difficult [...]