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Watch the First Episode of Tron: Uprising

— by ADAM POYNTER — A lot has happened with “Tron” over the years, from its release in 1982 and its use of revolutionary technology — at the time — to a subculture of fans believing in the story and film that it amassed enough attention to garner a sequel. Disney came out[...]

‘Tron 3’ Details Revealed

— by LAUDELYS MIRANDA — “Tron: Legacy” was arguably the most anticipated film of 2010 at the time of its release in December. With a budget of $170 million, it went on to make a little over twice as much worldwide at the box office with totals reaching the $400 million. It ma[...]

‘Tron 3′ Teaser Clip: The Dillingers’ Chat

— by JESSICA MORALES — Are you ready for more “Tron”? Well, it looks like this time around we won’t have to wait nearly 30 years for another one. I remember seeing “Tron” for the first time on television when I was a kid and really enjoying it; so when I heard t[...]

‘Tron 3’ Teaser Clip: The Next Day

— by ADAM POYNTER — I was beyond excited when I heard that a teaser trailer for “Tron 3” was leaked online, but it’s not exactly a trailer. It’s more like a summary of what happened between the original “Tron” and last year’s “Tron: Legacy.” This clip is one of [...]