‘Tron 3’ Teaser Clip: The Next Day


I was beyond excited when I heard that a teaser trailer for “Tron 3” was leaked online, but it’s not exactly a trailer. It’s more like a summary of what happened between the original “Tron” and last year’s “Tron: Legacy.” This clip is one of three that will be on the upcoming “Tron: Legacy” Blu-Ray and DVD.

This 10-minute summary and narrative about the events surrounding the “Flynn Lives” campaign is just one of three scenes that are apparently going to be put together to form a full teaser trailer. In “The Next Day,” we see all of the events following the original “Tron” and then leading up to and past “Tron: Legacy.” At the end of the clip, we see Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner) talking to Dan Shor (the man who played RAM in the original Tron) about the “Flynn Lives” campaign and all that they have accomplished. It also shows Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) and his involvement with the “Flynn Lives” movement.

The other two clips that have not been released yet show Quorra (Olivia Wilde) speaking to the press about how she just talked to Kevin Flynn yesterday, and the third is an online conversation between Edward Dillinger (Cillian Murphy) and his father Ed Dillinger (David Warner, who was in the original “Tron”) as they discuss how all of their plans are now coming to fruition.

I don’t really consider this to be a teaser trailer, but I think once you see all three clips in their entirety, it might weave together the story that will make up the essential plot for the third film in the “Tron” franchise and this could be quite interesting.

So are you excited to see them all and get pumped up thinking about the next film, or were you disappointed in “Tron: Legacy”? I think the biggest complaint was that the story just wasn’t as strong as it could have been, and if Disney is thinking this far ahead, then maybe they have been taking all of the criticism to heart and working diligently on the next film.

“Tron 3” has no production or release date yet, but “Tron: Legacy” will be arriving on DVD and Blu Ray combo packs in stores April 5.

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  1. Nathan #

    Wow, ok so I wasnt sure by the title of this article what it would be, but hearing him explain how its all going to come together sounds awesome! I cant wait to get the blu ray.

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