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Walt Disney Pictures just released the first teaser trailer for Tim Burton’s “Frankenweenie” and it’s pretty impressive. To be honest, when the remake was announced, I wasn’t all that excited about it. Even though “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and “The Corpse Bride” are masterpieces with cult followings, I felt remaking the 1984 short was unnecessary. It’s perfect as is.

And as a fan of Burton, I long for the day when he would again produce original material. Not remakes or re-imaginings of childhood classics. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy “Alice In Wonderland” — save for the blasted Futterwacken — it was an enjoyable film.

But back to “Frankenweenie.” My main concern is that the full-length version will miss the mark and not nearly be as charming. I mean, lightening rarely strikes twice. But in Burton’s case, maybe it will.

For those who haven’t the foggiest idea of what “Frankenweenie” is about, here is a brief synopsis. The film follows a boy named Victor and his appropriately named dog Sparky. Unfortunately, Victor’s beloved pet is hit by a car and upon learning about the effects electricity has on the muscular system during a school lesson, Victor decides to bring Sparky back to life through a science experiment.

Just like the original short, the updated version was shot in black and white, conveying an overall “Frankenstein” feel. You’ll understand what I mean after you watch the teaser below.

As expected, an impressive cast help bring Burton’s characters to life. Martin Short, Catherine O’Hara, Martin Landau and Winona Ryder will lend their voices to this beautiful tale and Charlie Tahan is the voice behind Victor.

“Frankenweenie” opens during the scary month of October on the 5th. Will you watch it opening weekend?

In interim, here’s a link to the original. Enjoy!

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