Ten Clips from ‘Letters to Juliet’


The summer movie season gets off to a romantic start with “Letters to Juliet,” the latest rom-com set in a foreign locale starring Amanda Seyfried.

Sophie (Seyfried), a spirited American girl visiting Verona, Italy, stumbles upon the supposed courtyard of Romeo and Juliet. Thousands of people have left letters to Juliet in the courtyard, asking for her advice about love. The letters are typically answered by a group of volunteers called the “secretaries of Juliet,” but one letter in particular catches Sophie’s attention.

The 50-year-old letter was written by Claire (Vanessa Redgrave), who left her fiance and sought help from Juliet. Sophie answers the letter and is stunned when Claire and her grandson Charlie (Christopher Egan) show up to find out who answered the letter. Sophie joins them on a trip across Italy to find the love of Claire’s life, and the journey causes Sophie to question her relationship with her own boyfriend (Gael Garcia Bernal).

This movie seems to have a similar feel to “Leap Year,” another romantic comedy about a woman who questions her current relationship while traveling across a foreign country with an attractive foreign man. And like that film’s trailer, the trailer for “Letters to Juliet” seems to give away pretty much the whole movie.

A sappy romance like this is probably going to be predictable to begin with, but even so, it looks like a pretty cute movie with some gorgeous scenery. If you’re in the mood for a cute, cheesy romance, “Letters to Juliet” probably won’t disappoint.

To get a better feel for the film, check out 10 clips below. “Letters to Juliet” travels to theaters May 14.

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  1. Bev #

    Thank you Alexa! I just had my school approve your review and set of trailers so I can show it all at school tomorrow. My goal is to get a group of kids to go to the show and then critique it. We are reading RJ right now!

  2. Stan #

    Since I love her, I imagine I will see this.

  3. Bev #

    Hey Stan – and who do you love? Juliet? Seyfried? Redgrave?