The Top 5 Choices to Play Wonder Woman


NBC has picked up David E. Kelley’s “Wonder Woman” TV Series (you can read more about the show, including plot details, HERE). Now that we have that out of the way, here comes the tougher question — who should play the Amazonian Princess?

The following are my Top 5 suggestions for the role.

Summer Glau

This choice is a no-brainer, but not necessarily my first pick. Glau’s had a major fan following since “Firefly” and many of her followers would love to see the former “Sarah Connor Chronicles” actress in a lead role. Perhaps “Wonder Woman” would be the right vehicle to showcase her talent.

. . .

Erica Durance

When I watched the Isis episode of “Smallville,” I thought to myself, “Self, Miss Lois could make a good Wonder Woman.” We’ll see if David E. Kelley thinks the same. “Smallville” ends its 10-season run this year, which means Durance will be looking for another steady gig. Granted, the fact she is already playing another iconic DC Comics character may hinder her chances at becoming Wonder Woman.

. . .

Bridget Regan

I think she really looks the part. At 5-foot-8, Regan is a good height and she’s athletic, too. Thanks to “Legend of the Seeker,” she has a built-in audience and she has this “Xena the Warrior” princess vibe. Check this gif to see what I’m talking about. Girl can wield a sword.

. . .

Katie McGrath

Another great contender is former wardrobe assistant and “Merlin” star, Katie McGrath. McGrath has this dark edge to her that I like, which I think is important when portraying the famous Amazonian. Unfortunately, the actress is tied up with the popular BBC series, in which she plays the evil Morgana, until 2012.

. . .

Tanit Phoenix

Phoenix is already rumored to be in the running. I can see why. She’s gorgeous. The only drawback is that the model appears to be more of a pin-up girl than an actress. (Yeah, yeah. How is that a drawback sayeth fanboys?) Since I’ve yet to see “Death Race 2” or “Lost Boys: The Thirst,” I can’t fairly form an opinion about her acting skills. If she is selected, I just hope she brings it.

. . .

Those are my choices. As of right now, my favorite is Bridget. There is just something about her I like above the others. My second pick would be Tanit.

So, who am I missing? Sound off about who you’d like to play the legendary heroine to the right.

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  1. Kat #

    My choice is Erica Durance!

  2. Stacy #

    Bridget Regan is the perfect choice. IMO

  3. Ryan #

    Isn’t Summer tied up with The Cape? Course, it will probably be cancelled by the time WW starts filming. What a terrible show.

    If she’s in another prematurely cancelled show I’m afraid she’ll be labeled as T.V. poison, so I’d be nervous if she took on WW.

    At 5’5″ she’d be considered too short by the fanboys, but I like her enough I wouldn’t care. She’s my #1 choice on this list. Bridget would be #2 because I think she looks a little plain. Love Katie too but like you said she’s not available.

  4. 4

    Jaimie Alexander, from THOR. She has the right look too.

  5. moviefan #

    Nice list. Though as much as I like erica and summer they are not right for ww. I wouldn’t, mind the others in your list though.

  6. James H. Montgomery #

    No, you got it absolutely right with Bridget Regan! Besides her training with a sword, she also had to register her EPIC HAIR as a weapon, which puts her all the way at the front of the pack and the other ladies left in the dust- no offense!

  7. Caroline #

    Bridget Regan is the perfect Wonder Woman

  8. Kenny #

    They are all good choices (Tanit is questionable as u said). I vote for Bridget Regan, as she has done Lots of acting, fighting and she just fits the role perfectly. Summer would be my runner-up.

  9. Ravenwood #

    Bridget Regan has the total Wonder Woman package – brains, beauty and battle experience! Bridget kicked the butt of every baddie in Legend of the Seeker and sent them home crying for their mommas. The only reason why I wouldn’t want her to be Wonder Woman is because I want STARZ to pick up Legend of the Seeker for Season 3! Now who should play Steve Trevor?

  10. cj #

    BRIDGET REGAN is perfect for Wonder Woman!!! 😀

  11. MARY #


  12. loretta #


  13. Juliana #

    Bridget Badass Regan.

  14. Dani #

    What about Tabrett Bethell?

  15. EL #

    1st choice is Bridget Regan
    2nd choice is Erica Durance
    3rd choice is Katie McGrath

  16. angela #

    erica durance

  17. jabz #

    ERICA DURANCE is the perfect choice… she got everything that WONDER WOMAN has..

  18. nicole #

    choice is Erica Durance!!!!

  19. kris #

    Erica “kick-ass” Durance…

  20. ei #

    ERICA DURANCE has the perfect body and physique and she’s a kick ass too…

  21. Tom #

    As much as I love Erica in anything, I think that Bridget may be just right for the WW role.

  22. Lacey #


  23. Peter H #


  24. Mary #

    Bridget Regan!!

  25. 25

    You’ve made a nice list…. but I’m sorry to say that you’ve forgot a name…
    Tracy Dinwiddie!
    I think she’s more like the first WW.

  26. Elie #

    Tracy Dinwiddie !

  27. Ripley (Maumoot on twitter) #

    In order to have a female that is a believable Wonder Woman, we need an actress that is athletic , tall has the power of Xena, the grace of Elektra and the moves of Nakita all rolled into one package. Traci Dinwiddie fits that bill. Check out her images online. This actress can also act. When Wonder Woman fights crime it should look believable. I want to use my T.V. remote to go back and see that move again and say wow! Why is her name not on this list???

  28. Robert #

    My first choice got the role! I’d been hoping Adrianne Palicki would get the role but didn’t entertain much hope that she would even be considered. But I always though she’d be perfect. Gorgeous, tall, the right age. And a very, very good actress.

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