The Winner of the Norman Reedus-Signed Set Is …


Although “The Beatnicks” has nothing to do with “The Boondock Saints” — other than sharing a lead actor in Norman Reedus — there is no doubt that our contest giving away a signed copy of “The Beatnicks” has attracted the attention of “Boondock Saints” fans.

Prior to this contest, I knew the “Boondock Saints” movie had a large cult following. What I had no idea about was how great that fan base is. Through this contest, I have gotten to know a great many of the fans and I would love to get a prize to all of them. Unfortunately, we only have one gift to give away (right now — and that’s all I can say about that).

The winner of the signed copy of “The Beatnicks” on DVD and the soundtrack is … Jess Dreger, known on Twitter as RockfiendJess.

If you didn’t win, trust me, you will want to stay tuned. More prizes are forthcoming …

In addition, the picture included with this article is part of a bigger still that is one of five stills we have exclusively from the movie. And we also have another contest related to the movie to announce soon.

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  1. Trihaly #

    Said it on Twitter already but Congratulations 😀

    Sure, I’m jealous but happy for you:D enjoy it for the people who didn’t win 😉

  2. 2

    Thanks again! I was just hoping a Bettie would get it! Didn’t expect me! So excited to get it!

  3. Nephilimfields #

    Woooo!! Go Jess, Betties for the win!!

  4. H Solo #


  5. Crash #

    Yeah I already congratted you..but..CONGRATS! 🙂

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