Those DC Movie Plans You Heard About? Rumors (Possibly)

— by CAM SMITH —

It’s nice to see DC Comics finally getting their act together and making some serious Hollywood power-player moves after almost of a decade of quivering in Marvel’s grand shadow. With their plentiful pantheon of powerful and personable protagonists, they could and should be joining alongside the House of Ideas and some of the smaller imprints and striking while the superhero movie iron is hot.

Just about two weeks ago, a pair of DC-related stories rocked cyberspace, drawing feverish feedback and passionate response from fans and bloggers alike. First, news broke over at Deadline Hollywood that Christopher Nolan, the visionary talent behind the recent “Batman” films, as well as clever hits such as “Memento” and “The Prestige,” would be serving as a Godfather of sorts for the next “Superman” film — a reboot totally separate from Bryan Singer’s polarizing 2006 effort “Superman Returns.”

Then, if that wasn’t enough to make fanboys’ heads pop like that unfortunate soul in David Cronenberg’s “Scanners,” Bleeding Cool Comic Book News and Rumors ran an exclusive that DC’s SVP-executive editor Dan DiDio — possibly mad with the newly-gained power afforded to him by the departure of long-time Publisher and President Paul Levitz — would be working to expand Alan Moore’s celebrated “Watchmen” into sequels, prequels, spin-offs and maybe, just maybe, more movies. Cue the sound of doves crying.

However, in a recent interview with new DC President Diane Nelson, conducted by MTV News, some interesting new information came to light. And by information, I mean vague corporate rhetoric.

Here’s what Nelson had to say regarding the Nolan buzz:

“Wouldn’t you like to know?! We don’t have any plans about that, and as I’ve mentioned, in the coming months we’ll be making a lot of announcements about what our content plans will be, but right now, that’s nothing but rumor — and we frankly don’t say a whole lot more about rumor than that, so…”

Wow. Fascinating stuff! And how about the possibility of a “Watchmen 2”?

“No, that’s all rumor, I’m not sure where it came from. We’ll be looking closely at our whole library and making sure we’re looking for opportunities to mine every property where it makes sense, and with integrity, but that’s just rumor.”

Sweet Moses Magnum, there sure are a lot of pesky rumors afoot these days. That said, the non-committal statements could mean one, or even a combination, of four things:

    1. The company is actively considering possibilities, and figuring out possible technicalities and so forth, but not ready to confirm or flat-out deny any future plans.

    2. They were eager to go ahead with the plans but are having second thoughts due to negative public reactions. (This option is especially possible in regards to “Watchmen.”)

    3. They’ve firmly decided on a course of action, but are choosing to remain mum until all the necessary details and deals with talent have been officially worked out.

    4. Everything is good to go but the company is keeping it on the down-low until they can announce it at a higher-profile time or function (a la ComicCon).

Either way, there’s bound to be some legitimately intriguing news coming down the DC pike in the very near future. Fingers crossed that their intentions are as honorable and reverent as the mighty characters they’re representing …

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  1. The Fastest Man Alive #

    I’d love to see DC get its act together, but I’ll believe it when I see them doing it.

  2. moviefan #

    i really hope the nolan thing does turn out to be true. It would be the best thing for superman to get someone like nolan on board to get it moving along. Since superman hasnt gone anywhere since Superman returns. Hopefully diane was just playing coy and trying to counter the news to they are fully ready to release it to the public. If not oh well its just another move on waiting and waiting to see if any thing comes about from dc.

  3. Josue #

    all i care about is Superman!! I want news soon!! 😉

  4. moviefan #

    Yea i wish superman wasnt in such a trouble place for them with all the legal stuff. Then all the issues they have had since SR with not knowing what the heck to do with the character. Come on how bloody hard could it be. When fans can easily come up with great stuff.

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