Four Clips From ‘Armored’


Watching a couple of crooks overcome the odds and run off with thousands of dollars in stolen goods is never fun. However, when hilarity ensues during the heist, that’s entertaining.

“Reservoir Dogs” and “The Bank Job” are just two examples of the botched-heist film, and on Nov. 4, “Armored” started to try to leave its mark on the genre.

It’s worth mentioning that the director of “Armored,” Nimrod Antal, was already nominated for an Academy Award for his directorial debut “Kontroll,” so this isn’t some talentless hack just trying to make a couple of bucks. It’s also worth saying that Antal is also planning to direct the latest installment in the “Predator” franchise in 2010.

“Armored” follows the story of a rookie guard for a armored truck company. His seasoned co-workers persuade him to steal a truck that contains more than $40 million dollars. Of course, someone messes up, making this seemingly simple robbery into something more complex. The following clips show the crew’s impending danger as a cop casually strolls in and interrogates Matt Dillon’s character.

Besides Dillon, the cast features Jean Reno, Laurence Fishburne and Skeet Ulrich. For you “Heroes” fans, Milo Ventimiglia makes an appearance as the cop in one of the clips.

Is “Armored” the next “Taken,” getting past its generic plot with vastly entertaining action scenes or is it just a cut-and-paste version of “Reservoir Dogs”? Voice your opinion in the comment section.

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  1. Robert D #

    I really like all the actors, but I still think it will fall short of being a good film. It just doesn’t look fun enough to watch.

  2. Stewart #

    I wouldn’t see this with your eyes.

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