Three Clips from ‘Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey!’


After the unsurprising success of the animated movie “Curious George” in 2006, it is also no surprise that they went ahead with a sequel.

A direct-to-DVD movie, “Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey!” was released March 2. The movie follows the adventures of the inquisitive monkey and The Man in the Yellow Hat on a cross country adventure to return an elephant to her family.

Here is the movie’s official description: “The world’s most beloved and inquisitive monkey is back in ‘Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey,’ the fun-filled sequel to the hit animated movie. Join Curious George and The Man with the Yellow Hat as they set out on a madcap cross-country adventure to reunite Kayla, a homesick elephant, with her family. This unlikely trio faces all types of comic calamities and colorful characters and in the end learn that with family, friends and determination you can achieve anything. Featuring the voices of Tim Curry, Matt Lauer, Jamie Kennedy and Jerry Lewis.”

I must admit, I was pretty surprise to read two of the casts names: Lewis and Curry. These are very famous and dear comedians to me, and it’s great that “George” was able to bring them together for this movie. You can hear part of both their performances in the movie clips below.

In this first clip, we find the character of Danno, played by Jamie Kennedy, questioning the Stationmaster (Jerry Lewis). It seems that George and his party are being tracked down for elephant-napping.

In this next clip, we get a glimpse of George and Kayla at the train station, while the man in the yellow hat tries to locate the lost duo.

In this final clip, we see the whole gang at a magic-show, where the magician “Piccadilly,” played by Tim Curry, introduces his act.

Source: Trailer Addict

I love that these clips don’t give much away, but do give us and outline of the movies plot. The younger kids will definitely love this, and it may even be enjoyable for the grown ups. I remember reading the books when I was five and watching the show as well. Curious George does have a special place in my heart as he does for millions of other people.

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