Three Clips from ‘Killing Bono’


My iPod is filled to the brim with bands from the United Kingdom. In my humble opinion, no one knows how to rock better. However, there is one band that I haven’t even considered putting on my iPod: U2. I’m happy to see that the film “Killing Bono” shares my cynicism of the Dublin band (though it is technically filmed in Northern Ireland outside of the United Kingdom).

Based off the Neil McCormick memoir with the same name, “Killing Bono” tells the story of two brothers, Neil and Ivan, who try to become the biggest band in Dublin but find themselves being overshadowed by the up and coming U2. As U2 continues to prosper while Shook Up is falling out of popularity, the brothers must come to terms with the opportunity they missed out on.

The clips below show a lot of interaction between the brothers and U2. It is obvious to see that there was a personal relationship going on. U2 isn’t just some band Neil and Ivan can hate for stealing their limelight; the members of U2 are people who the brothers know intimately. Seeing how close they were to being famous makes it hurt all the more. However, the clips aren’t focused on the eventual outcome. In the clips everyone is equal and it seems like they enjoy each other’s company.

My favorite clip is the final clip, which delves into the absurdity of U2 trying to create their own persona. Neil and Ivan ground the scene by recognizing that who the band is saying they now are, are not who Neil and Ivan know. The clip really makes you wonder how celebrities’ old friends feel about their star persona. Overall this is one film I’m interested in seeing.

“Killing Bono” has opened in the UK, but as of now does not have US premiere date. The film stars Ben Barnes, Robert Sheehan and Martin McCann.

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    I love U2, but it looks like a cool movie.