Three Clips from ‘Tron: Legacy’


Do you hear that? It is the sound of millions of anxious fans awaiting the release date of “Tron: Legacy.” If you are one of them and have been following all of our updates then you will surely appreciate this one.

I am especially pleased with everything I have seen for this movie so far, and after watching these three new clips below, I am even more convinced.

This new movie stars Jeff Bridges – who reprises his role as Kevin Flynn from the 1982 fan favorite “Tron.” Only this time around, he has some help and it’s no other than his offspring, Sam Flynn (played by Garrett Hedlund of “Death Sentence” and “Friday Night Lights”). I am particularly interested in the amazing technology used to create a young Kevin Flynn character.

This is going to be exciting because although we have already seen older actors get rejuvenated with CGI like they did in “X-Men: Last Stand,” it was for a really small instance. But they have been planning movies that will pit younger versions of actors against themselves for a while now. For example, weren’t they going to make a movie where a young-looking Harrison Ford was sent to kill his older self? I remember seriously looking forward to that. I also heard about a similar plot for a movie with Sean Connery years ago. I guess the technology and scheduling didn’t allow those projects to happen. But the technology has never been so right, and with Disney backing it up, this is going to look great. And if you have seen the screen captures or trailer, you will notice the younger Jeff Bridges is flawless.

Well that was my rant, now, back to the clips. These clips are kind of an expansion to the trailers we have already seen. In the trailer, we learned that Flynn sends a beep to Alan (Bruce Boxleitner), and Alan lets his son know about finally hearing from his dad after 20 years. This first clip, delves into that moment, and allows us to get to know Flynn’s son better.

In the trailer, we also see the son actually makes it into the game and he is wearing the typical suit with the reflective light everyone else is wearing. In this second clip, we actually see how he gets one on. And we also see the beautiful computer generated hotties that dress him called sirens.

And in the final clip we see a father and son reunion. It is kind of an odd reunion, for the son looks begrudged, but Jeff Bridges plays the part tenderly and it is very special.

Check them out and tell us what you think.

“Tron: Legacy” will be released on Dec. 17.

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  1. bigge3021 #

    Great job buddy. You know how excited I am for this movie and just can’t believe that it’s just a few weeks away from it’s release. =)

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