Trailer: Compliance


When an officer of the law asks us to do something, we do it with no questions asked. Or should we? In his sophomore film, Craig Zobel directs a film based on true events and shows us a situation where complete compliance can go awry and leaves all those involved damaged in some way.

Sandra (Ann Dowd) is an overzealous fast food restaurant manager in a suburban town who, on a busy day, receives a phone call from a police officer saying a customer has reported that an employee, 19-year-old Becky (Dreama Walker), has stolen money. As we see in the trailer below, since the officer is unable to come to the restaurant right away, Becky and Sandra are given two options: Becky goes to jail or Sandra can begin a strip search there at the restaurant. With the thought that she is doing the right thing, Sandra willingly begins the investigation in the back room as the officer instructs her to do over the phone.

With every second that ticks on the trailer, I keep thinking to myself, “This possibly can’t be true” or “That couldn’t have happened in real life.” Or could it? In a word, I am appalled at the fact that it could possibly happen. What are your thoughts on the trailer?

The film also stars Pat Healy and Bill Camp with an R-rating for language and sexual content/nudity. It is due in theaters on Aug. 17.

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