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After what seemed to be an endless wait, fans of Erica Durance can rejoice: we finally have a trailer for her long-time-coming movie project, “Gemelle,” which was filmed in Italy.

I must admit, I didn’t know what to expect going in to watching the trailer, but I had already guessed it was about Erica playing a twin, since Gemelle in Italian is similar to Gemela in Spanish, which means “twin.” But other than that, I didn’t know much. I looked up the plot synopsis:

    Angela Wyler (Erica Durance) asks police chief Valerio Strada (Daniele Pecs) to find Christine (also played by Durance), her twin who she hasn’t heard in two years and who had a stormy relationship with the officer years back.

Now, you can imaging my surprise when I watched the trailer and it turns out we get a good Erica vs. an evil Erica — or at least they want us to believe. I got a certain “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” vibe from it. Durance, with her dark eye shadow makeup and back tattoo of a scorpion, really sets the tone and feel of “Dragon Tattoo.” At the same time, it reminded me of a current TV show I watch called “Ringer” about rival twins. So, I am definitely intrigued and interested in watching “Gemelle.”

It is no secret I am a fan of Durance’s and feel she is a very talented actress. I look forward to watching her shine as leading lady in this, and hope she continues to gain recognition for her acting skills. Most recently, she guest starred in two TV shows, “Harry’s Law” and “Charlie’s Angels.” Personally, I felt she stole the show both times. And with her upcoming TV show, “Saving Hope,” on the way, she will continue to grace our screens for a good while.

I have been hearing about “Gemelle” for quite some time now, and almost thought it would just never hit the shelves. With this trailer, all my hopes have been raised. The trailer definitely gives us a small taste for what to expect in the movie, yet it doesn’t give away too much. What it does give us plenty of is Durance. She flaunts her beauty and her dual character performances convincingly. They almost seem like two different people, and only certain talented stars can actually pull this off.

Check out the trailer below, and share your opinion and excitement with the rest of us in the comment section.

“Gemelle” was directed by Fabrizio Bava and written by Stefano Sudriè, and Stefano Piani, and has no release date available yet. Check with us for updates on the project and when it will be available.

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  1. Eli #

    ED looks amazing playing the dual roles.