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Since so many movies are being post-converted into 3D, it comes as no surprise that some classic movies such as “Titanic,” “Star Wars” (all of them), “The Wizard of Oz,” “Independence Day” and now “Jurassic Park” are getting this special treatment. Some are being post converted and returning back to theaters and have performed very well — otherwise we wouldn’t be bombarded with so many.

I believe this also will be the case with Steven Spielberg’s groundbreaking masterpiece “Jurassic Park.” The film has been converted into 3D and will be released once again on April 5, 2013. This was an exciting rollercoaster ride and a monster hit — pun intended — in theaters the first time around and it seems to me to be a perfect candidate for 3D conversion.

Now, we have a trailer for the event next year, and it is full of those epic images we have not forgotten, the excitement of the arrival on the island, the tour we took along the electric-charged perimeter fences and the anxiety of the unknown is all there — even though we already know the unknown now. That’s why the trailer tells us to “Remember” and to “Return.” That’s exactly what we will be doing when the film returns to our big screens once again.

Personally, I am very excited, though I am concerned how well the movie will do in such a big movie year (2013). What do you think? Does the prospect of seeing “Jurassic Park” in theaters once again, or even in 3D, get you excited?

You probably noticed I steered away from the post-conversion lingo that every other site talks about. The reason is that I feel post-conversion has improved greatly since it began. I also feel that I am not alone in this, since the multitudes seem to be flocking to watch them. 3D is an experience – it is fun and I think people see it as a short trip to Disney World. Parents will take their kids, and non-movie purists will always enjoy it.

On the forums and social networks I visit, there seems to be a lot of animosity towards post-conversion 3D movies. I read folks complaining it doesn’t look as good as actual 3D filmed movies — which I sort of agree with — or that they get terrible headaches while watching them. Now, as a headache expert, I can tell you I have never had a headache from watching any type of 3D movie, that is until I watched “The Amazing Spider-Man 3D,” which unfortunately was filmed in actual 3D.

Now, why do I call myself an expert in headaches? It is because I have suffered from severe classical migraines for 30 years. I have been put through every test possible and I have taken every medicine and remedy known. But I don’t want this article to be about headaches, I just thought I should revisit that comment I made. Personally, I still can’t pinpoint why “The Amazing Spider-Man 3D” gave me a headache, but it was bad. Would I go watch it again in 3D if I could? Yes, because it enhances the movie for me, and I love the film.

Well, sound of in the comment section your opinion on anything I have written here, whether it is about “Jurassic Park” or 3D post conversion.

“Jurassic Park” will devour cinemas once again on April 5, 2013.

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