Trailer Talk: ‘Avatar: Special Edition’


A new trailer for “Avatar: Special Edition” has been released by 20th Century Fox. The movie, set to come out Aug. 27, is being released in 3D and will include nine additional minutes of footage — justification for the “Special Edition” title. Although the extra footage was created for the theatrical rerelease, I’m waiting until the special edition Blu-ray (which will likely include the far more interesting behind-the-scenes features) before throwing more money James Cameron’s way.

Cameron recently shared details with Marketsaw about the new footage, as well as his plans for the “Avatar” sequels, while promoting the film’s rerelease:

    It’s actually nine! [Extra minutes.] I added some since that press release. It’s all CG. None of it is kinda boring shots of people sitting around in offices at the base, drinking coffee. It’s all out in the rainforest, some of it is at night. There is a big hunt sequence that’s got a lot of flying, a lot of banshee stuff, riding direhorses, very high-energy, high-impact action. There’s a very powerful emotional scene towards the end that has been added back.

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  1. Adam Poynter #

    I absolutely loved AVATAR, saw it opening night in IMAX 3D and then over the course of the next few weeks went four other times and took others to go experience it as well. I bought the Blu Ray which had ZERO, ZILCH< NADA and also bup-kiss for special features! I will definately not be helping James Cameron line his pockets with golden silk any longer! I will buy the Blu Ray if and when it comes out that has all of the Special Features one would expect for such an extravagant movie like this, I will probably then give my other Blu Ray to my parents.

  2. Ron #

    I may just have to see it one more time on the big screen!

  3. Jessika #

    EXACTAMUNDO Adam! I refuse to be taken advantage of! I mean, IMAX tix were what? $16 a pop, and I saw it more than once, saw it several times, plus I bought the bareback mountain Blu Ray when it came out, and will not buy the subsequent special edition’s until the ultimate, COMPLETE blu ray is on the market.

  4. Adam Poynter #

    Jessika $16 for IMAX tickets? Its now $23 I blieve for IMAX 3D and if you buy them in advance online its another $2 fee. So yeah Im done putting Camerons great grand children thru college. I still love the movie, but will just have to survive without seeing the 9 or whatever extra minutes of animals and aliens getting it on for now…

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