Trailer Talk: ‘Barney’s Version’


Getting married is just filled with complications in the movies. You have to deal with crazy in-laws, wacky personality quirks that aren’t apparent until you’ve said “I do” and, obviously, falling in love with another person who isn’t your spouse. Paul Giamatti’s latest film, “Barney’s Version,” explores this latter, common difficulty.

At least this is what the trailer below would have us think. If you look up “Barney’s Version” on Wikipedia, however, it gives you the full story. Barney has three ex-wives and is narrating his life. If the plot of the film stays on par with the plot of the book, then it could be an entertaining and interesting narrative tale.

“Barney’s Version” spent 12 years in development, which makes me think that there’s more to this adaptation than a simple, easily digestible story.

The main thing this film has going for it is the actors. From the trailer, the plot doesn’t look like anything special, nor does the cinematography. Paul Giamatti, Dustin Hoffman, Minnie Driver and Rosamund Pike are actors I like to see in movies. The trailer is also funny, using self-deprecating humor and its actors (including their accents) to make you laugh.

“Barney’s Version” does not currently have a release date.

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    Wow. This book is not at all a romantic comedy. It’s actually fairly dark. I’m really hoping that this is a case of bad/misleading marketing.