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I’m pretty sure that everyone on this site has heard about or read the classic story “The Beauty and the Beast,” but I’m also sure that almost nobody has heard about the retelling of this beloved tale entitled “Beastly.”

“Beastly” was released two years ago by author Alex Flinn, and it’s the story of “The Beauty and the Beast” — except it is set in modern times. I personally think that’s a dreadful idea, but hey, I thought “Twilight” was a bad idea, and look at the popularity it achieved.

“Beastly” chronicles the adventures of Kyle Kingsbury, a rich, handsome and popular teenager who is turned into a beast after playing a mean prank on one of his classmates, who turns out to be a witch called Kendra. But luckily for Kyle, because he performed a good deed before pulling prank, Kendra gives him two years to break the spell. To break this spell however, Kyle must find his true love and seal this love with a kiss.

The plot sounds like an absolute cheese-fest. Thankfully for Hollywood, there is going to be a film adaption! In order to satisfy that enthusiasm, there is a teaser trailer and it sure doesn’t pull any punches. One line of the trailer is “I’m the ugliness inside you …”, that was surely dramatic. In order to preserve the serious nature of that comment, the trailer concludes with the cliché “hero on top of a skyscraper” moment.

Just looking at the cast — which includes Mary-Kate Olsen and Vanessa Hudgens — makes me want to hurl.

Perhaps I’m being too hard on the film. Once again, remember “Twilight” — the mere idea of making a film adaption made people blind with fury, but it has found a nice group of followers. But then again, just because it makes a lot of money, doesn’t make it a good movie.

Source: Trailer Spy

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  1. HeroesFan2 #

    Totally true! It already sounds cheesy to me as well! I highly doubt it will be good. But then again, only time will tell.

  2. Kent #


  3. HeroesFan2 #

    Okay, that movie does not look as cheesy as the plot sound’s. It look’s like a thriller, is it? Cause if it is, then it may be worth watching. But if it’s a romantic type of movie, then it’s not worth watching. The guy in the movie does not look like a bad actor, but I don’t like watching Vanessa Hudgens or Mary-Kate Olsen. Unless they hardly would show them, then. But it sound’s like they are going to show them quite a bit. By the way, I am sorry my comment is so long. Thanks!