Trailer Talk: ‘Clash of the Titans’


Since the conclusion of “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, Hollywood has been looking for an epic landscape to take its place. Inevitably based on well-established source material, the successor needs to move into new ground in terms of its battle sequences and visual dynamism, while remaining true to the classic universal themes of honor, love, and good vs. evil, all played out on a grand scale.

I want to believe in “Clash of the Titans” can succeed where others have failed. 2004’s “Troy” was an epic bore. “The Chronicles of Narnia” was a decent, but decidedly watered-down experience (as was its sequel). “Eragon” was unforgettably forgettable. “The Pirates of the Caribbean” series derailed itself and, anyway, qualifies as a “swashbuckler” more than the “sword-and-sandal” type.

And so here is the trailer for “Clash of the Titans.” What can we tell from this minute-long teaser? It’s got swords and sandals; so far so good. The action footage looks fantastic. Giants battles, one-on-one sword fights, huge scorpions; all of it rendered very nicely. It’s also got creature-villains that look like a cross between the orcs of “LOTR” and the peculiar creations of Guillermo Del Toro. As well, the epic dialogue seems to have the right tone and rhythm to it.

Look at the cast, starting with Liam Neeson as “Zeus” and Ralph Fiennes as “Hades” (with those two back together for the first time since “Schindler’s List”). Character actors Danny Huston and Pete Postlethwaite are here as well. And most of all, Sam Worthington (of “Terminator: Salvation” and “Avatar”), who is quickly becoming a mega-star.

In every way, this movie looks like a blockbuster. The trailer for Disney’s “Prince of Persia” was released recently as well. I didn’t much like that one. It’s big and loud, but has no real texture and seems in every way phony. “Clash of the Titans” comes out two months earlier and looks 10 times as good. And that’s just the teaser.

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  1. 1

    I was really looking forward to this film and then we get…


    What a stupid phrase. Can they dumb down things anymore in Hollywood?

    And all of it overlaid with rock music?!?!

    Seemed more like Scorpion King than Lord of the Rings…


  2. Cam Smith #

    Louis Leterrier did a great job with “Incredible Hulk”, so I’m curious what he does with this flick. The man shoots great action.

  3. Jason #

    Ben, you’re right, that is a stupid phrase. But you didn’t think the action looked top-notch? And I thought the music was sortof a fusion of rock and an epic score. Kinda liked it.

  4. 4

    I tried to like it. But as I said it left me feeling more like The Scorpion King than a LotR/Gladiator fusion.

    Action did look good tho…

  5. stargazer #

    Looks dumbed down. And what’s with this Worthington guy? What’s so special about him? I think he’s all wrong for this character., my image of Perseus is of a very handsome and somewhat tall man.. unlike this guy. 🙁 how disappointing.

    Still, I’ll probably watch this –depending on the reviews– I just love epic/mythical adventure. eh

  6. Cam Smith #

    “Dumbed down”? Have you seen the original “Clash of the Titans”?

  7. 7


  8. molly #


    haha, I love hollywood.