Trailer Talk: ‘Come And Get Me’


There’s a reason your mother taught you that it is not a good idea to get into a car with a stranger. The characters in the upcoming “Come And Get Me” are going to learn that lesson the hard way, and is there any other way to learn in a horror movie?

A night of partying goes horribly awry, as is so common in horror flicks. After a girls night out, a group of ladies call a random guy for a ride home, and they get much more than said ride. Pretty standard stuff, plot wise. Taking place in the Australian hinterlands, there’s most definitely room for the creepy factor. The R-rated trailer certainly displays the dark wilderness and the vulnerability that the characters must feel once they become victims. The trailer also proves to be quite violent and angry, which I appreciate in a film of this nature. The Australian accent isn’t too bad to listen to either.

Serial killer slasher flicks are among my favorite genre, but I do have some apprehensions when it comes to “Come and Get Me.” The plot worries me greatly, as this car ride turned death spree is very much an urban legend and one that has been depicted several times in horror cinema. My tentativeness, however, is salvaged by the reception that “Come and Get Me” had at the Bloodfest Fantastique Film Festival, where the film snatched up awards for best director, best editor, best special effects and make up, and best actress. Seems as though I may be way off track with what this film has to offer. Thank goodness the festival circuit forced me to think twice.

Writer-director Chris Sun may have done something in this film that the trailer simply doesn’t show, and because of that possibility, I’m not writing this one off yet. Going purely off the trailer, “Come and Get Me” may have been a film I didn’t pay much attention to, but looking at the film as a packaged deal, it suddenly becomes much more of interest to me. Just because horror is my poison, doesn’t mean there aren’t a few duds every now and then, but hopefully “Come and Get Me” won’t let me down since I’ve given it a second chance.

Starring Christian Radford, Sarah-Jane Blair and Shaun Trainer, “Come and Get Me” is slated to arrive in theaters sometime in 2011.

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