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Am I the only one who enjoys John C. Reilly, no matter what the role is? Look at his filmography: from “Gangs of New York” to “Talladega Nights,” that man has range. Of course, this doesn’t mean I’m going as far as seeing something like “The Vampire’s Assistant” just to see him, but luckily his new film, “Cyrus,” doesn’t look like too bad.

The trailer below sets up “Cyrus” to be a comedy blend. It has a bit of that uncomfortable kind of humor, a little slapstick, and some just plain funny lines. John (John C. Reilly) is an out of touch, frumpy guy who is just down on his luck after his divorced wife (Catherine Keener) announces her engagement when he meets Molly.

Molly (Marisa Tomei) is the girl of his dreams, but there is a problem: Molly’s grown son, Cyrus (Jonah Hill). Funny rivalry ensues between John and Cyrus for Molly’s affection. Just when it looks like the film is going to be all chuckles, though, the trailer whips out some drama. Molly loves Cyrus, who is even more socially awkward than John and can’t understand why the two aren’t getting along. Among all the comedy, it looks like this film will have a message about acceptance as well.

Not only does the story look interesting, but “Cyrus” has a nice lineup of actors. John C. Reilly and Jonah Hill are a good balance for Marisa Tomei’s serious character, and Catherine Keener never disappoints. Though it doesn’t look like we’re seeing any new characters, “Cyrus” might be a way for Jonah Hill to break out of the funny guy role into someone who can also handle serious issues.

“Cyrus” premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. It does not have a theatrical release date yet.

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  1. 1

    I’m the same way with Marisa Tomei. I will see her in just about anything. Reilly’s always good, too, of course.

  2. Mo GB #

    It looks pretty good. I hope it comes to a theater near me.

  3. Alexa M. #

    You’re not the only one! John C. Reilly is awesome!

  4. The Fastest Man Alive #

    Good post.

  5. Nate the Great #

    Looks funny.

  6. Michael F. #

    Does anyone know the name of the jazz tune used in the trailer for the John. C. Reilly movie “Cyrus”? I think it’s an old standard, 3/4 time, rhythm piano with I think a clarinet lead? I assumed maybe it was Benny Goodman?

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