Trailer Talk: ‘Daylight’


When you were growing up, your parents probably warned you to hitchhike as you never know the type of person who would pick you up. So, if you know you are a decent person giving someone a lift, it should be OK, right? Right?

Danny and Irene (played by Aidan Redmond and Alexandra Meierhans) are on their way to a wedding when they pick up a hitchhiker. Their simple plan of going to a wedding turns into a kidnapping of horror and deep seated fear for both, especially for Irene, who is pregnant.

With “Daylight,” writer-director David Barker takes a familiar genre and transforms it to a psychological thriller as he introduces a trio of terrifying kidnappers — Renny, Leo and Murphy (Michael Godere, Ivan Martin and Brian Bickerstaff) — who are often terrifying as they perform extreme politeness with a threat of extreme violence.

Look for “Daylight” starting July 15.

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