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From the trailer, it looks like “Frozen” has an air of Hitchcock about it: a woman does something wrong and she is punished. The girl’s sin? Lying to get her and her two guy friends on the ski lift for free. Her punishment? All of them being stranded on the lift for days.

That’s it. No madman coming to hack them all to pieces. No creepy crawlies to make the audience squirm in their seat. Just three people trying to survive and get back to safety. Because of this, “Frozen” could be one scary movie. It has the “it could happen to you” element that would make anybody second guess hopping aboard a lift next time they go skiing.

Will that be enough to sustain the movie though? The trailer below makes it seem like the film will have some gore in it. The crunching sound at the end definitely made me wince. Could the gore attract a wider audience than just making it a survival story? It probably can’t hurt.

I’m looking forward to this film. As someone who jumps every time something pops out I’m tired of horror movies that go for the shock factor, and muttering to the person next to me “that could never happen.” Because watching how people deal with extreme situations like this is scary. The threat of hypothermia and starvation are trumped by the fear that someone could do something stupid like rock the lift in a fit of panic and kill everybody.

“Frozen” will, of course, be hitting theatres while it’s still cold out on Feb. 5. Directed by Adam Green, it stars Kevin Zegers, Emma Bell and, appropriately, Shawn Ashmore (who was “Iceman” in the X-Men series.)

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  1. HeroesFan2 #

    I am adding it to the Netflix queue. Does not look to bad. I like watching either one of the Ashmore guy’s, so I am definitely going to see it, also looks interesting.

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