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Great Danes are the best dogs ever. Now I admit I may be biased. I am currently writing next to a 10-month-old Great Dane puppy named Seamus who is the very definition of “adorable” and “affectionate” (and also “doofy”). However, even with my love of Great Danes, my reluctance to see “Marmaduke” is palpable.

The film “Marmaduke” is based on the newspaper comic strip of the same name. The strip features the Great Dane, Marmaduke, and his family, the Winslows. In the film, Marmaduke (voiced by Owen Wilson) and the Winslows move from Kansas to California and they have to adjust to a new lifestyle with new people.

The trailer below shows us that Marmaduke will be a real Great Dane (unlike the animated Garfield in “Garfield: The Movie”) and that one of my favorite actors, Lee Pace, is unfortunately attached to this piece. However, the trailer is for the kids. Potty humor, weird animal animation, and pratfalls are abundant. Kid movies with talking animals are successful box office-wise and I don’t see “Marmaduke” as being the exception. The thought of kids loving Great Danes more because of this film does make me warm up to “Marmaduke” a little bit more.

“Marmaduke” will be in theatres June 4 and also stars the voices of George Lopez, Kiefer Sutherland, William H. Macy and Judy Greer.

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  1. 1

    I’m going to have to pass.

  2. mg #

    That ‘ugh’ you guys heard over the weekend?That was me the moment I realized what ruined one of the coolest rap songs of all time.

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