Trailer Talk: ‘Raging Boll’


Finding a fellow Uwe Boll fan is extremely stressful. Most die-hards are hermits, and the online hate movement is stronger than ever. So where does that leave me, a film critic, who should be trained to hate Boll and his audacity? Simply put, I’m stuck on a crossroads: between my unexplained love of an artist and the reality that his art … really is terrible.

However, Dan Lee West’s “Raging Boll” might be just the thing that could turn Boll’s reputation upside down. By offering a more intimate view on one of the world’s most hated film directors, we anticipate the arrival of a soft and cuddly Boll somewhere beneath the rough exterior … right … right? Well, based on the film’s trailer, which is set to an ominous orchestral score, outlines key points in Boll’s tumultuous life, such as when he challenged six film critics (who despised him) to a boxing match.

In that case, maybe “Raging Boll” isn’t going to change anyone’s opinion. However, it does present the same hateful, egotistical, and boll’d (sorry, I couldn’t resist) Uwe, that fans have grown to love.

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