Trailer Talk: ‘Green Lantern’

— by H.G. WATSON —

I was rooting for you, “Green Lantern.”

I love Green Lantern comics. Sure, they’re dorky and about an intergalactic space cop. But they also represent some of the best science fiction available in the comics world.

I was thrilled that WB seemed to be taking this property seriously. Hiring Martin Campbell, the man that re-booted Bond (twice), was a great step. Getting fan favourite Ryan Reynolds in the lead was another. He wasn’t my choice for Hal, but he wasn’t a bad one. Rounding out the cast with Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong and up-and-coming it girl Blake Lively made me think that this could be a really great movie.

Until I saw the trailer.

I’m not sure who thought “Green Lantern” equals crappy CGI and cheesy action film platitudes, but that’s what we’ve got.

So, when does “Thor” come out again?

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  1. Alexa M. #

    I love Ryan Reynolds and Peter Sarsgaard, so I hate to say it, but I agree with you. I was pretty underwhelmed by the trailer, and I’m not feeling the all-CGI suit. I’ll probably still see it in hopes that the movie itself will be better but I don’t know…

  2. Cam Smith #

    And just imagine how it’ll all look in glorious post-converted 3D!

  3. Sherice Antoinette #

    There’s better CGI on Smallville. I’m definitely not liking Ryan Reynolds approach to Hal Jordan. Let’s hope he’s a bit more serious.

  4. moviefan #

    Its great to have the full trailer online now. It looks pretty good. Loved seeing hammond/sinestro/abin. I think the film looks great and can’t wait to see it. As for effects most look good and I am sure the rest will look ten times better come release time.

  5. Adam Poynter #

    I think that the potential is there and with many months before it is released I am praying that they work on refining the suit and make it look more realistic. I don’t have a problem with a CGI suit, just dont make it look like a complete cartoon.

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