Trailer Talk: ‘Restless’


In “Wedding Crashers,” Will Ferrell’s character Chazz Reinhold (“Ma! The meatloaf!”) likes to crash funerals to pick up chicks. In “Restless,” Enoch (Henry Hopper) also crashes funerals, although from this trailer, we’re not sure why.

What we do know is that at one memorial service, he meets Annabelle (Mia Wasikowska of “The Kids Are All Right” and “Alice in Wonderland”). About to get kicked out of his fourth funeral of the week, Annabelle covers for him and says he’s her boyfriend. Annabelle tells Enoch that she goes to funerals a lot because she volunteers at the hospital.

Things get more complicated as Annabelle and Enoch develop feelings for each other. Enoch tells Annabelle he has a ghost friend named Hiroshi, a Japanese kamikaze pilot from WWII. And Annabelle confesses to Enoch she’s not a volunteer at the hospital — she’s a patient, and she’s terminally ill.

I’m not sure how Hiroshi fits into all this, and I’m interested to find out. But it seems like this film from director Gus Van Sant (“Milk”) will be filled with touching and emotional moments. Wasikowska, a talented young actress, will probably be fantastic in this (and doesn’t she look exactly like Carey Mulligan here? I kept forgetting it was her).

Check out “Restless” in theaters on Jan. 28, 2011.

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