Trailer Talk: ‘Saint John of Las Vegas’


When you think indie film, you think about the films that snatch up awards even though most people did not see them during their theatrical release.

It’s a shame, at times, because some of these films showcase immense talent, but are shoved under the rug because of their limited budgets.

But of course, there are the bad indie films that come off as being overly pretentious and “Saint John of Las Vegas” is one of those movies.

Hue Rhodes’ directorial debut follows Steve Buscemi as John, an ex-gambler who is forced back in the game by a veteran insurance-fraud investigator.

Judging from the trailer, it seems that “Saint John of Las Vegas” is full of scenarios that are supposed to be “clever” but are actually dull. On top of that, nothing with Sarah Silverman can be good. Other cast-members include Romany Malco, Peter Dinklage, Tim Blake Nelson, Emmanuelle Chriqui and John Cho.

“Saint John of Las Vegas” will try its luck in theaters on Feb. 1, 2010, in limited engagements.

Source: Trailer Addict

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  1. 1

    Hi, I’m Hue Rhodes, the writer/director of Saint John of Las Vegas. I thought I’d reply, but if it’s not something you and your readers would be interested in, no need to post this.

    I would say don’t judge the film by the trailer, but that’s what trailers are for. And ours does a good job of capturing the film’s spirit (which, obviously, will not be to everyone’s taste.)

    Sorry the trailer didn’t appeal. If you see the film I hope you come away with a better impression.


    Hue Rhodes
    @huerhodes (twitter)

  2. Don #

    Nice. Hopefully, this will come to the theater near me. I like movies like this.

  3. Mo GB #

    It reminds me of a few other movies I was into. Plus, I love Peter Dinklage. I’ll check it out.

    And stay classy, Hue!

  4. Robb #

    I think it looks pretty good. I’m looking forward to it.

  5. The Mighty Darrin #

    Other than Sarah Silverman, I really dig the cast.