Trailer Talk: ‘Saw VI’


The “Saw” series is best known for its tasteless gore, confusing plot, and the torture devices used by the villain, “Jigsaw.”

Each Halloween, another “Saw” installment comes out; this year marks the sixth and — from what it seems like from the triler — the most horrible of the installments.

In this trailer, Jigsaw seems to have taken an interest in politics. He takes hostage members of insurance companies because “doctors and patients should decide what insurance they get.” I can see why the writers would make Jigsaw such a firm believer in health care reform; look at how many people he has injured throughout the franchise — the least that he could do is make sure that they have affordable heath care for themselves and for their families.

“Saw VI” comes out in theaters on Oct. 23.

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  1. 1

    They keep making them and I keep not watching them.

  2. Tom Elce #

    Looks appropriately awful.

  3. Disco #

    I’ll pass.