Trailer Talk: ‘Smallville: Absolute Justice’


The “Smallville: Absolute Justice” surprises are finally starting to rain in for us.

With its release date of Feb. 5 quickly approaching, we are being treated to all kinds of goodies, like interviews from the cast, posters, and clips, and now, two teaser videos that are the closest thing to a trailer that we are going to get.

I must admit these trailers caught me by surprise. When the first one surfaced (unexpectedly), it immediately stirred up all the fans, and even some non-fans. The trailer caused an explosion of articles all around the web (and I probably read them all).

It was fun to read how they all commence similarly, such as, “Even though I don’t watch ‘Smallville’ …” or “I haven’t been keeping up with ‘Smallville’ for a while, but …,” they all continued likewise, “but, after watching this trailer, I’m jumping back in!” or “I might have to start watching this.”

Now, after watching the first trailer, I began to write this article, attempting to translate the excitement I was feeling at that very moment into words. Then, to my surprise, before I could even finish the first article, they released another amazing promotional trailer. It is one that includes new images, and sheds new light on the well-guarded secrets of “Absolute Justice.” Both trailers are included in this article for your enjoyment.

The first teaser trailer achieves what it sets out to do — to give us a glimpse and get us excited for all the comic book treats and references that has engulfed “Smallville: Absolute Justice.” The superheroes and supervillains are not, as we are used to, “Smallville’s” take or version of them. No, here we have characters in their costumes that appear to have been ripped right out of a comic book. Of course, this is no surprise, since “Absolute Justice” is written by Geoff Johns, who writes for DC comics. He is also currently writing “The Flash” and “Shazam” for the big screen. Yet, before those projects hit the theaters, we will have the exciting privilege of witnessing this spectacular television event.

With its ascending music score, epic images, and the unwavering way they spurt out the Superman logo, which for a long time wasn’t a part of the Smallville universe, this first trailer explodes with a bang before our eyes. We are also able to nibble on some of the props and pictures of the Justice Society of America members that won’t be in this movie, but will be referenced in one way or another.

Yes, after watching this 30-second visual collage, the first word that comes to mind is “grandiose.” The first line spoken is by Martian Manhunter (played by Phil Morris): “I hope it is not too late to say we come in peace.” From there, the trailer races into a concerto of images that the naked eye perhaps cannot process all at once. It only pauses its advancement when it displays before us the words, “Two generations of heroes” and “One Historic Night.” Yes, this will be an historic night for the hoards of fans anxiously awaiting its premiere, and a milestone for “Smallville” the show.

Until now, the show has always followed the trend to name its episodes with single word titles, i.e. “Savior,” “Crossfire” and “Idol.” Now, for the first time in nine years, it is welcoming the two-word title, “Absolute Justice.”

With the second trailer, the first word that comes to mind is “awe.” Yes, “awe,” as in wonder and admiration. I don’t get the feeling of TV show from these; I don’t even get the sense of a made-for-TV movie. This is because they have very cleverly crafted these trailers to be fit for a box office movie. It is quite impressive, in my opinion.

Here, they flaunt before us scenes and images that can make the geeks inside of us all spasm. We are now truly getting glimpses of all the characters that are being introduced to us in “Absolute Justice.” They have injected these trailers with large helpings of Hawkman, who has been the leader of the Justice Society of America. Dr. Fate poses for us in his comic book fashion, and Star Girl is catapulting her glowing staff while leaping in the air. The images here, once again, flash before us at 100 miles per hour, but not before we notice the very first images of the villain — Icicle.

The tag-line reads, “Be Absolutely Sure,” “Justice is Returning.” I am personally excited to see both the League and the Society come together to face whatever the challenge might be. I’ve said this before, but it is an exciting time to be a “Smallville” fan. Now, they have made it so that all comic book fans, sci-fi fans, and action fans can come together for this event.

If you need me on Feb. 5, I will be the guy in front of his TV screen screaming like a little girl, watching “Smallville: Absolute Justice.”

“Smallville: Absolute Justice” stars Tom Welling, Erica Durance, Allison Mack and Justin Hartley (pictured at the top of the article as the Green Arrow).

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  1. 1

    Great article Josue. Can’t wait till AJ. YAY

  2. bigge3021 #

    Well said and done, Josue. I am REALLY looking forward to “Absolute Justice” movie event since ComicCon when I heard Geoff Johns was coming back to do another Smallville episode. So my anticipation has been that long for 02/05/10 to arrive. Just a little less than one week to go. YAY!! =)

  3. Elle #

    Great review of the trailers Josue! I too was surprised by the quality of the trailers. I can’t wait for Absolute Justice!

  4. Adrian #

    Como siempre fenomenal, me gusta mucho lamanera que describes el show, se nota tu pasion por escribir y por el show! Ke viva SMALLVILLE!

  5. 5

    Great article. You’ve really captured some of the excitement the fans of the show are feeling right now.

    It’s going to be a great “movie.” I hope all of those people who fell away from the show come back for this one and wonder just how much they’ve missed along the way. There’s always a reason a show is on for nine years (and hopefully ten!) and that is that it’s good enough for a lot of people to really love it. I am among them!

    I’ll be right in front of my TV too this coming Friday night! Pass the popcorn!

  6. @pure_believer #

    Great article, Josue! You are right, I definitely think this event will bring all fans alike together.

  7. moviefan #

    yea all the promos are so great. I am glad its getting alot of press. Also so cant wait for the event to air next friday. It should be pretty great. Also i hope for some solid ratings for the airing next friday. Also in other news last night/today CW released two webclips from the event. Here is their links:

  8. 8

    Another great article man. Can’t wait to see Absolute Justice.

  9. typertist #

    Josua, you did a GREAT job with this article. I cannot wait until Friday; I’m very excited about this movie. It’s going to be AWESOME…I just know!
    Perhaps with this movie there will be several more Season’s of ‘Smallville’.
    Ready NOW with chips/popcorn and soda.
    Is it Friday yet? 😀

  10. 10

    woohoo!!! Great article Josue… I agree completely when i saw these promos i didn’t think tv show i thought EPIC EVENT. As in Finally Smallville is getting the props it deserves especially for this stellar season. I can’t wait to see this and will of course be glued to my screen Feb 5th!!

  11. Patti #

    Josue, all I can say is AMAZING! Another wonderful job. If I wasn’t already a fan you would have me hooked! 😀

  12. jette_ #

    Again, you accumulated all the amazing Smallville excitements of the last days to one “grandiose” article that makes me “awe”. Yes, “awe”. 😀

  13. Apple El #

    Josue! Your enthusiasm is so contagious! It is lovely for me to read your passion for Absolute Justice, and know that others share the same feelings for Smallville that I have! I have ALWAYS been excited for Absolute Justice, and now that feeling has been elevated to manic proportions, You’ll be able to hear me screaming all the way from Australia as I watch Absolute Justice as well!
    Great review!

  14. Josue #

    Thank you all for the wonderful comments! I am very excited for this, and i am glad it is obvious. Please, feel free to post your reviews of the movie right here in the comment section of my review. I hope to have it within a day or two after the episode. You are all the best!!!

  15. 15

    excelente trabajo exito

  16. Lynn #

    Great!! Tonight is the night we’re gonna celebrate!!! WHooowhoooo!!!!!

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