Trailer Talk: ‘The Family Guy Presents: It’s A Trap!’


Hilarity continues to ensue with “The Family Guy Presents: It’s A Trap!” — the latest “Star Wars” spoof by Seth MacFarlane. Included within the amusing homage to “Return of the Jedi” are more cameos, more gags, and more offensive material. F-bombs, which are put to good use, are not censored.

Clearly, the funniest of the three parodies, the Ewoks are portrayed in a different light, thankfully. Writer David A. Goodman really outdid himself here. Just when you’ve stopped laughing at one joke, up pops another. But what really makes this installment funny is the way the absurd goings on in “Return of the Jedi” are addressed in comedic fashion.

The trailer gives but a taste of what is included in the DVD, but if you enjoyed “Blue Harvest” and “Something, Something, Something Dark Side,” you’ll definitely like “It’s A Trap.” Hopefully, the extras include a funny blooper reel and other clever goodies.

“It’s A Trap” speeds through the galaxy on DVD and Blu-ray Dec. 21.

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  1. Mo GB #

    Of course I will see this. Can’t resist Family Guy.

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