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85th Annual Academy Awards Results

— by ADAM POYNTER — Last night, the most prestigious awards of the year were presented to the leaders in the entertainment industry at the 85th Annual Academy Awards. Oscar host Seth MacFarlane presided over the festivities as emcee, and while he did an OK job, the entire night was prett[...]

85th Annual Academy Awards: Predictions

— by ADAM POYNTER — Well, another year has passed and we some amazing movies were released in 2012. We have already had the Golden Globes, the SAG Awards and now it is finally time for the biggest and most prestigious award show of the year — the Academy Awards. This year marks the[...]

Review: Ted

— by ADAM DALE — In an outer Boston suburb in the ‘80s, a young boy named John (Mark Wahlberg) spends his Christmas not with the neighborhood kids – who like to beat up the local Jewish kid — but alone wishing that he could have a best friend. When he receives a stuffed teddy[...]

Trailer: Ted

— by ALEXA MILAN — Everyone, at one time, had a childhood dream — to be a princess, to go to Mars. But what would happen if that childhood dream came true, and what impact would it have on your adulthood? That’s the premise of “Ted,” the big screen directorial[...]

Seth MacFarlane Throws Party to Celebrate ‘It’s a Trap!’ Release

— by SHERICE ANTOINETTE — Seth MacFarlane sure knows how to throw one heck of a party. To commemorate the Dec. 21 release of “Family Guy’s” latest “Star Wars” spoof “It’s A Trap!,” MacFarlane and Fox celebrated in style at the Supperclub in Hollywood[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘The Family Guy Presents: It’s A Trap!’

— by SHERICE ANTOINETTE — Hilarity continues to ensue with “The Family Guy Presents: It’s A Trap!” — the latest “Star Wars” spoof by Seth MacFarlane. Included within the amusing homage to “Return of the Jedi” are more cameos, more gags, and more offensive [...]

A Something Something Something Dark Side Clip

— by CAM SMITH — Perhaps I’m out of touch with the rest of North America’s youth, but are people still riding high on “The Family Guy” wave? Are the Griffin clan still considered THE premiere toon-tastic first family of comedy as we all here on Earth know it? I’m not trying to [...]