A Something Something Something Dark Side Clip

— by CAM SMITH —

Perhaps I’m out of touch with the rest of North America’s youth, but are people still riding high on “The Family Guy” wave? Are the Griffin clan still considered THE premiere toon-tastic first family of comedy as we all here on Earth know it?

I’m not trying to be facetious (well, not too much, at any rate …). I really want to know. I was under the impression that the series had followed “The Simpsons” into the lazy land of irrelevancy, where it could be free to complete its transformation into an absolute (unfunny) parody of itself. Is this not the case?

The good chaps at Trailer Addict have posted a brief snippet taken from the series’ recently-released DVD special — the “Empire Strikes Back” spoof “Something Something Something Darkside” — a follow-up to the successful “Blue Harvest” from a short while back. And, it must be said, it’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect; a few faintly amusing character bits tossed into a fairly straight-forward re-enactment of a classic scene from the 1980 film.

My friend Mark showed me “Blue Harvest” around the time of its release, and it wasn’t completely horrible. There were a few entertainingly geeky in-jokes amongst the mostly obnoxious character gags and blandly recycled plot stuff — an acceptable one-time watch, but hardly worth dropping $20+ on. Call me crazy and/or arrogant, but I feel pretty flippin’ confident that “Something Something Something Dark Side” will be up the same middling alley.

While I’d imagine that a “Return of the Jedi” spoof is already in the planning stages — if not active pre-production — I’m more interested in seeing what Seth MacFarlane and crew could do with the prequel trilogy. Satirizing the original three films feels like old hutt at this point, with most the good jokes well past their prime. However, the more recent movies haven’t reached anywhere near the level of over-exposure in the comedy world, which would allow for some fresher jabs, snark and biting commentary.

And, if that is indeed the eventual plan, which “Family Guy” character would you like to see embodying the beloved gangly frame of Mr. Jar Jar Binks? Anyone? How about Boss Nass or Ody Mandrell? Hello?

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  1. moviefan #

    i seen about 20-25mins of this family guy starwars special. i cant wait to see the rest of it soon. Also good article cam.

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