Seth MacFarlane Throws Party to Celebrate ‘It’s a Trap!’ Release


Seth MacFarlane sure knows how to throw one heck of a party. To commemorate the Dec. 21 release of “Family Guy’s” latest “Star Wars” spoof “It’s A Trap!,” MacFarlane and Fox celebrated in style at the Supperclub in Hollywood Dec. 14. The red carpet was littered with paparazzi, each of course wanting to take photos of MacFarlane and other notable talent, including Dr. Drew, Bill Maher, Nathan Fillian (“Serenity”), Jerry Ferrara (“Entourage”) and Jake Busey (“The Good Guys”). Who knew they were fans of “Family Guy”?

Everyone at the event was in great spirits. Not only was this shindig in honor of MacFarlane and his successful series, it was also a holiday gathering. Drinks were, of course, on the house and cleverly named. For example, I started off the night with Meg’s Margarita, and ended it with Cleveland’s chocolate mint drink. Both bars within the lively establishment were fully stocked with plenty of bartenders at work whipping out drinks at mach speed. Also popular with the party-goers were the delicious hors d’oeuvres served along with the tasty cocktails.

Once equipped with beverage and snack, everyone congregated around Santa Brian for pictures. Dressed as Kris Kringle himself, the smooth pooch was accompanied by a sexy Mrs. Claus. One wouldn’t expect anything less from Brian. That’s just how he rolls. While attendees memorialized the memorable moment with photos with Santa, Christmas music boomed throughout the white barroom, ushering everyone into the holiday spirit and before the area grew too crowded, large red curtains parted open revealing a sizable lounge.

At that moment, DJ Vice switched up the music, replacing the holiday tunes with dance, old school R & B and some Top 40. Shaped in an immense square, the walls of the main room were lined with white plush couches where guests could mingle and enjoy bottle service. In the center was a large dance floor. Straight above, to coincide with the “It’s A Wrap” themes, were a pair of Princes Leias suspended from the ceiling. Between them was a hunky Jedi in an open robe, wielding a light saber. He wielded it quite well.

Stormtroopers, complete with Santa hats, shook their groove thang with guests. An amusing sight to behold, I was reminded of the “Star Wars Christmas Special.” If you haven’t seen it, do run a search for it via Youtube. You won’t be disappointed, I assure you.

As the DJ continued to crank out good tunes, projecting behind him upon a huge screen was “It’s A Trap!” Every now and then, the music would stop so that everyone could listen to snippets from the hilarious homage to “Return of the Jedi.”

The vibe was definitely exuberant Tuesday night, and everyone had a great time. Me included. But what impressed me most was the camaraderie. Many of the attendees were people who worked with Seth MacFarlane from the “Family Guy’s” inception. Having spoke with several, each had wonderful things to say about the creator. “He’s a man with no ego,” one animator said. An editor told me that he really is a “nice guy.” I was fortunate enough to witness MacFarlane’s graciousness first hand. Although many guests wanted photos with the talented animator, writer, producer, comedian, actor … I could go on and on, he does everything … he was ever so patient.

His counterpart, Seth Green, was also amiable. I didn’t think to ask him about his thoughts on the “Buffy” reboot and I can just kick myself for not doing so. Maybe next time. Until then, I’ll watch “It’s A Trap!” again and I’ll keep a close eye on Seth MacFarlane’s next project, “Ted” a hard R comedy about a man and his teddy bear. At present, Mila Kunis, Adam Scott and Mark Wahlberg are in negotiations to star in the adult comedy. I can’t wait to hear more details about it. Rest assured, as more info becomes available, it will be covered here at It’s Just Movies.

Thankfully, Seth MacFarlane and the gang has left us “It’s A Trap!” to keep us occupied. The Blu-ray and DVD streets Dec. 21.

Special thanks to Matt Ilczuk, president of Royalty Rope Inc.

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