Trailer Talk: ‘The Greatest Movie Ever Sold’


Peter Parker trying out his Spidey Web by grabbing a can of Dr. Pepper. Tobias Funkë meeting Carl Weathers at Burger King and discussing how wonderful the food is. Celebrities on the Red Carpet telling reporters “who” they’re wearing. Race car winners slamming down milk/Gatorade/Dasani water after a big win. The media is infested with product placement and Morgan Spurlock is using that to his advantage in his new film, “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.”

The trailer below gives the basic premise of the film: Spurlock wants to make a film that is entirely funded on product placement. Basically his film would be one big advertisement for whatever company was the highest bidder (it looks like POM Wonderful won that honor).

However, I very much doubt that “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” will really be a full on ad for POM Wonderful. I wouldn’t be surprised if some truths were uncovered about the usage (frequency or otherwise) of product placement in films and television. As we can see from the trailer, one person suggests that a warning should be placed in films and television when you’re being advertised to. On the flip side, though, product placement has given a lot of films and TV series enough financial backing to produce some really great stuff. While I doubt it, it would be great to see an equal representation of both sides.

“The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” premiered at Sundance and will begin a limited release starting April 22.

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  1. Anquan #

    This movie just made my MUST list.

  2. 2

    Great idea for a documentary. I will definitely check this out.