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They say the third time is a charm, and it is possible that this is the case with this third trailer for “Green Hornet.” The previous trailers weren’t bad — they had explosions and cool gadgets — but they didn’t have, in my opinion, the heart or that Je ne sais quoi that draws the crowds to the theaters. I didn’t feel it, and this movie was a certain rental for me.

But with this most recent trailer, we see not just the cool gadgets, but the cool characters. There was a reason they cast these stars, and now we can finally appreciate this. It is because this isn’t just another regular guy turned super-hero movie. He doesn’t just happen to discover the high-tech gadget his father kept and his friend Kato designed. No, it’s because Kato is so amazing, talented and skilled, that this normal guy can stand a real chance against the challenges he will be facing.

Up to this moment, I thought I had the movie figured out. But I invite you to check out the trailer. Watch the trailer again and watch Jay Chou show you why he deserved to play the long-time famed martial arts hero once portrayed by Bruce Lee himself. Many were at one point upset that Tony Jaa (“Onk Bak”) didn’t take the role, but it seems we may have the opportunity to welcome a new action star. Chou is a talented musician and a nominee for his performance in “Curse of the Golden Flower,” for which he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in the Hong Kong Film Awards. Chou can kick some butt and he looks good doing it.

Sure, Seth Rogen’s character Britt Reid is still a party animal in this trailer. But he defenitely seems more commited in this trailer. Kato doesn’t seem to let him soak in the sadness of his father’s death. He arrives at this key moment and gives Britt a distraction. He halps him realize he has wasted his whole life partying and being worry free. But in the end, it is Britts plan, and Kato helps, or is it? At times, it seems Kato guides him along in his ideas, but its just very comedicly done. I have to say this trailer reminded me of the original trailer for “Iron Man.” That is by all means a good thing.

This is one fun and funny trailer. It also has some great stunts and acrobatic martial arts, with some really cool camera rolls and angles of movement that really impress. If it is any sign of how the real movie will be, then I am sold. What do you think?

Look for “The Green Hornet” to suit up on January 14, 2011. The movie also stars Cameron Diaz, Edward Furlong, Tom Wilkinson, Edward James Olmos and Christoph Waltz.

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    I just can’t get into this one. I may end up seeing it at some point, but it very likely won’t be at the theater.

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