Trailer Talk: ‘The Killer Inside Me’


People have all kinds of motives for murder — money, lust, jealousy, revenge. But sometimes, a person’s only reason to kill is just for the sake of killing.

That’s what drives Lou Ford (Casey Affleck) in Michael Winterbottom’s adaptation of “The Killer Inside Me,” based on the ultraviolent noir novel by Jim Thompson. Lou is the deputy sheriff of a small Texas town, and for the most part, he goes largely unnoticed. No one has anything negative to say about him. Nobody has much to say about him at all.

But Lou has a problem that no one knows about, a problem he describes as a “sickness” — he can’t fight the urge to kill, even if he has no motivation for committing such a violent act. These urges have been repressed for years, but once they reach the surface again, they devastate the town.

“The Killer Inside Me” also stars Kate Hudson as Lou’s girlfriend, Jessica Alba as a prostitute and Simon Baker as an attorney who may be on to Lou. The movie certainly looks dark, and if it’s anything like the novel, it won’t be for those with a weak stomach. Early buzz for this grisly tale is leaning toward negative, but if nothing else it should be an interesting showcase of Affleck’s talent.

“The Killer Inside Me” premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January and will receive a limited theatrical release June 18. Check out the film’s trailer below.

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  1. Shia2 #

    I think Affleck nailed that part. Lou Ford in the book is boring but twisted bastard, just like Casey in this trailer. BTW, its only spoils first act, not the whole thing.

  2. Disco #

    It looks okay.