Trailer Talk: ‘The Mechanic’


There are various words in Spanish that I have not successfully been able to translate to English. For instance the term “embuste” (literally translated means liar, but liar alone doesn’t quite cover it) or “paquete” (package or load). These are some of the words Hispanics use to describe an action sequence in a movie that is unbelievable/impossible (i.e. almost all of the driving stunts performed in “Transporter 2”).

It is that moment when we are watching an action movie, and we know that what just occurred before our eyes is impossible, but — depending on the actor, movie budget or popularity — we sometimes seem to forgive these exaggerations. We look the other way, perhaps for the sake of simple fandom admiration.

In my opinion, Jason Statham is the king of unbelievable exaggerations (paquetes). Yet, I admire the man, and look forward to his next impossible stunt. He really has created a name for himself, and has become an action star for this generation. Just this year he has “The Expendables,” “Blitz” and “The Mechanic.”

Pretty busy right? Well, I’m not even mentioning 2011 and on. His popularity has not wavered in any way. If anything he is getting more popular. He has has many of the requirements to be an action star. He is physically fit, which is a must. His martial arts skills are amazing. He also has single-handedly carried along various franchises, such as “The Transporter” trilogy and two “Crank” films.

Up next for the busy star, is “The Mechanic.” It is based on the successful Charles Bronson movie by the same name, and by the looks of the trailer premiere, which is included below, the plot remains the same.

This movie will be about a professional assassin who feels he should take on an apprentice. As usual, with apprentice movies, the master finds he will have his hands full, and no doubt this will be the case with “The Mechanic.”

At the same time, the trailer is action packed and very exciting; shooting, speeding cars, attractive women — yes, it’s the usual formula for all of the popular action movie trailers. What do you think?

“The Mechanic” will be released Dec. 15, and co-stars Ben Foster and Donald Sutherland.

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  1. Apple El #

    Whoa…well it looks action packed, but, due to lack of cimemas in my town, when I DO get a chance to be near a cinema when I visit the city, I feel I would probably choose another film to see instead of this one.
    I think I’d like to see it, but I will wait for it on DVD.

  2. bigge3021 #

    Great Job Josue on the article. Even though the trailer looks good, I will most likely wait and see this movie when it comes out on DVD. I always waver with Jason Statham because his movie career has some great action movies like “The Transporter” movies to pretty bad ones like “Death Race” and “War”. So I am not too anxious to go see this movie in the theatres. =)

  3. 3

    Hola Josue, I see you’re a big admirer of Jason Statham and you’re right he appears to be the action star par excellence right now and I must say he fills out those shoes quite well. I usually look for a good script above all before I commit to spending some serious time with a movie regardless of the stunts but you’re pretty convincing so I’m definitely going to take a look at this one.

  4. Disco #

    Jason Statham is awesome.

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