Trailer Talk: ‘The Town’


Hey, Jon Hamm has a large role in a nationally-released movie! Here’s my $12, and can you please direct me to the concession stand?

OK, fine. If Mr. Hamm’s chiseled chin isn’t enough to get you interested in a movie, “The Town” has a lot of other things going for it:

* It’s a twisty crime thriller, which is the best kind of crime thriller there is. There are bank robbers in nightmare-inducing nun costumes, there’s an FBI agent determined to catch them, and there’s a bank manager who is traumatized after being taken hostage. And when these three stories collide, it will be epic.

* It’s directed and co-written by Ben Affleck. Say what you will about Affleck’s acting skills, but he’s proven that he can more than deftly direct (“Gone Baby Gone”) and write (“Good Will Hunting”) a good movie.

* It stars actors who can act, rather than relying on big-name, but ultimately vapid, “stars.” Jon Hamm is famous for a TV series (“Mad Men”), Rebecca Hall does mostly indie flicks and smaller roles alongside bigger names (“Please Give,” “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”) and Jeremy Renner just became well known last year when he appeared in a small war movie that happened to hit it big (“The Hurt Locker”). And yes, Ben Affleck is in it, too (doing his beloved working class Boston accent), but hopefully when working in a movie that’s obviously a passion project for him, he’ll bring his “A” game.

* The trailer reminds me of “The Departed.” That may sound like lazy film making, but “The Departed” was excellent, and striving for excellence is never lazy.

Also starring Chris Cooper, Pete Postlethwaite and Blake Lively, “The Town” will park its car you-know-where on Sept. 10.

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  1. Adam Poynter #

    I can definately see a little bit of “The Departed” in this trailer mixed in with a little of “Pride & Glory”. I think that movies that show cops as being crooked sometimes are good cause they arent always the saviors they pretend to be and when the good guy is the bad guy, well that makes for an interesting story. Ben Affleck did a great job with “Gone Baby Gone” and hopefully we will see some outstanding directing in “The Town” as well!

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