Trailer Talk: ‘Your Highness’

— by H.G. WATSON —

If you’ve already seen the red band trailer for “Your Highness” you know there are a few key differences between that one and the green band trailer below. Namely: 1) Natalie Portman’s butt on full display 2) an abundance of raunchy drug and sex jokes 3) Natalie Portman’s butt.

For those who are not drawn in by the promise of semi-nudity, “Your Highness” appears to be an R-rated comedy fest filled with A-list talent, making it a far dirtier version of “The Princess Bride.”

It obviously lacks “The Princess Bride’s” inherent charm, but all the same there’s something to be said for wiling away an afternoon at the cinema viewing a mindlessly fun and shamelessly silly comedy. “Your Highness” fits the bill.

“Your Highness” comes out in April 2011 and stars Danny McBride, James Franco, Natalie Portman, Zooey Deschanel and Justin Thoreaux.

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    Zooey AND Natalie? Count me in for this one.