Why They Should Make a New Our Man Flint Movie


It is possible some of you have heard of Derek Flint, and some of you have not. For those who haven’t, it will be my pleasure to introduce you to this character.

Some may say his movies were campy, and others may say they were comedies. But after re-watching the 1966 hit “Our Man Flint” over a hundred times, I feel I firmly understand the character. Who do you know can have five girlfriends living with him at the same time, yet not be or appear chauvinistic?

Who do you know is a martial arts expert, a fencing master, a sky diver and, at the same time, a ballet teacher?

Who do you know is a master linguist, a master of disguise, an electronic expert and a scientist, and still has time to write multiple best-selling books?

His name is Derek Flint. He is all these things and more … and trust me when I tell you, I left many things out of the list.

His story: After the success of secret agent James Bond in the 1960s, some felt it was time to one up the British spy. It would have to be someone smarter, cooler and even be a greater lover. Bond was so spectacular, that being better would require a science fiction kind of hero. He would have to be above average and beyond. Perhaps such a hero would be impossible to create without it appearing comedic. He would be so over the top, few would understand him. But this didn’t stop them. Derek Flint was born despite this incredibly demanding requirements. His first movie was called “Our Man Flint,” and it was a huge success.

In this movie, we are introduced to Flint, played by the late (and beloved) James Coburn (“The Magnificent Seven” and many, many more). Flint is a retired military vet. He lives in a penthouse in New York. He enjoys luxury and art, you can tell by his far-out home. His home is on the top floor of a grand building, and it is so cool that he had home security technology available to him at that time, that is just now, 44 year later, finally becoming available to us.

“Our Man Flint’s” influence is still is felt to this day. One example is that the main villain in the movie “Die Hard” is named “Hans Gruber” — the same as a villain Flint fight and kills in the movie. It is also important to mention that the amazing catchy music for the movie was created and brought to life by the Jerry Goldsmith (“Kingdom of Heaven,” just to name one, because list is endless).

As you can see, I can go on talking about this character and all his amazing traits and achievements forever. But today, we want to talk about why I feel they should make a new “Flint” movie.

With the success of the “Bourne” series, a “24” movie in the works, another “Mission Impossible” movie on its way, and the amazing “James Bond” reboot phenomenon, secret agent movies are here to stay. It is fair to say in my opinion that this ’60s hero (Flint) deserves a chance to return as well. If done right, a new “Flint” movie could be a huge success. I believe casting is very important for “Flint” to work. It needs to be someone confident, someone that could be good at disguises, someone who isn’t too young, but looks great for their age. Perhaps someone that you couldn’t guess their age by looking at them. This is all part of the “Flint” intrigue and mystery. This person must also be I great shape, and well spoken.

Some actors I feel would be good for the role of “Flint” are Brad Pitt and perhaps Bradley Cooper, and although Bradley might be a touch young, I feel he could pull it off.

All in all, with the right actor, Flint could really be translated to our modern world. He is a character that could definitely rattle the 21st Century. He isn’t your average spy, because he isn’t interested in espionage or saving the world or being a lethal weapon. He has no real cause. He is just simply trying to better himself and enrich his life, by enhancing his knowledge and enjoying it to its fullest. Now, because he has all this knowledge, and so much experience in so many fields, he can be a dangerous threat should you cross paths with him.

Yes, Flint would definitely be a fresh new take on spies, one for the new generation. An agent you can’t recruit, he is submerged in his work and pleasures. You can’t offer him money, because he is already rich. If he decides to help, it will because of a personal reason. He will do it for free — plus he funds his own mission, he provides his own transportation, land, air or sea. He uses his own equipment, and doesn’t need help or a partner. See, he’s different. We need a “Flint” movie.

He could change spy movies forever … once again.

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  1. Patrick #

    Interesting idea. Remakes are sometimes good sometimes not so much. The first Mission Impossible movie so dissed the TV series upon which it was based as to be shameful. Johnny Depp’s got a new “Dark Shadows” in the works, which may or may not fly, it being the fourth retelling of the story.

    So a new Flint – could work, but it would have to be done, being respectful to the original, yet updated to contemporary. Like Godfather III, where Vincent Mancini, the illegitimate son of the tryst between Sonny Corleone and Lucy Mancini ascends to power in the Corleone family, perhaps the basis could be that one of Derek’s ladies had a son, who’s now come of age and wants to take on his father’s mantle…

  2. C. McMillan #

    I’m 58 and I do remember Flint. I was so into James Bond (Sean) that it was great to see a new agent that was as exciting. I don’t like the fact that campy is associated with Our Man Flint and In Like Flint, and I never saw these movies as a comedy. For the time it was slick and classy. The one thing I wouldn’t want to see in a remake is that it would be turned into a comedy, like The Green Hornet, a movie that was truly destroyed by the script and casting. I don’t understand why Brad Pitt is always the person people believe should take on roles of classic movie remakes. I heard that they wanted him for Frank Bullett and that should be a role only for Daniel Craig. Pitt could never be Flint. Bradley Cooper maybe, but after seeing Drive, Maybe Ryan Gosling should get the call.
    Flint’s girls should all be Beautiful, Sexy and Intelegent, and asset to Flint in many and all ways. So that when in trouble he takes it personal, more than saving the world. Are we ready for Flint? Yes. Is the new generation ready for Flint? Yes. Now with the Bond of the 21st Century, Bourne and Ethen Hunt. The world is more than ready for Our Man Flint. If not Cooper or Gosling and I’m sure there are actors I could suggest and would be perfect for the role, but please not Brad Pitt. Don’t get me wrong I really like Brad, just not for this role. Even Robert Pattinson would be interesting in the role of Flint. Though not my first choice. Hayden Christensen should be freshened up and considered. I miss James Coburn and I’m sure he would give his blessing on the remake and my number one choice right now for Derek Flint, Ryan Gosling. PS. I would love to play one of the villains in the remake. Fat Chance. lol.


  3. bruce mccoy #

    hi….I just read your comment on ;wHY THEY shoould do a flint remake, i first saw flint on a ABC`S Sunday night movie in the fall of 1970, I was 7 years old, and I have been a fan super-spies since wathing the Wild Wild West, in 1968, Matt Helm, James Bond, and the man from uncle. I loved all of those movies and t.v shows, but Derek Flint is my all time FAVORITE, I think what i reaqlly liked about this charater was his Independence, he was a freelance spy, though he loved his coutry, his loyalty was to himself first,nobody was not going to tell him how to do his job or hoe to live his life, as much as i hate to addmit it because i hate the modern day secret agent, Flint would be perfect for today`s world, ala Jason Bourne, but if they do decide to bring him back, be sure to keep some of the old school ways, like the 5 live in girls, now that isw original.

  4. 3d max #

    Nice idea!

  5. Patrick #

    Would Mr. Coburn be giving his casting opinions from the grave ? He passed in 2002. If you know how to accomplish this, you have ideas worth far more than those for a film remake.
    At any rate, I agree that a Flint movie could be a great success. I don’t see it as a remake of Our Man Flint or In Like Flint, though. And never mind the ridiculous made-for-tv version making him a private investigator (they did the same for Matt Helm, ugh). I note that a Helm film could be made true to the books, which have a tough, non-flashy hero, unlike the movies. There was a lot of sexism in the Flint and Helm movies back then — not to be a wet blanket with the political correctness, but, from an artistic and business-wise point of view, I think that should be avoided to avoid unnecessary distraction from enjoyment of the film and for good receipts. In our present society it STILL is entirely feasible to have playful sexiness, and it’s accomplished in many movies.
    It’s a certainty, too, that Casting is ABSOLUTELY the make or break issue (with a Helm of any style, as well as a Flint).
    I agree with indications stated above that the best casting may be for someone relatively unknown. The goal would be for them to have that swagger and cool that Coburn (and Dino) projected, seemingly — and perhaps really — effortlessly. With the cutting edge we’re-almost-there technology of our day and the near future, the gadgetry could be BEYOND the coolness of the stuff of the 60s films.
    Of course, some people say the Austin Powers movies already mined this one out — but I disagree. Yes, it should be humorous, but not for laughs. It should NOT concern the real present-day threats handled so well in the Bond and Bourne films. Leave that, by the way, for a modern-day Harry Palmer…

  6. J. AndeSton #

    Flint is spoof, right? Should be a man who can be taken seriously, but, can still be a funny guy too… The obvious choice, WILL SMITH. Gorgeous, funny, sexy, tough,experienced…need I go on??? Take your heads out of your bias’s and see with your real-time senses. This could soo cool ! Admit it…We all love Will

  7. Rodney #

    And don’t forget guys Flint can talk to dolphins also


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