Why Tom Welling Should Play Superman in the Next Movie


First, I’m going to go through the entire status between what is going on with Chris Nolan’s upcoming Superman movie “Man of Steel” and with “Smallville.” “Smallville” — the longest-running Superman show on television history — is entering its 10th and final season. Just as “Smallville” is getting to the end, the beginning of the reboot of the Superman franchise will begin with Christopher Nolan as producer for the film — or, as many have called him, the godfather. I got very excited when I heard that the man who had made the Batman franchise the best version of Batman in history (no offense to fans who really liked the old movies) would bring the Man of Steel back to the big screen. Since then, there have been a lot of rumors about who is directing and, of course, who will play Superman.

A couple of weeks ago, a rumor was floating that Zachary Levi (of TV’s “Chuck”) had apparently auditioned for the role but it was later denied by Levi himself. I have nothing against Levi at all, “Chuck” is one of my favorite shows but Levi isn’t Superman material. However, people who work at Warner Brothers have stated that it’s a TV star that they are looking for as Superman. Of course, the name Brandon Routh (who played Superman in “Superman Returns”) pops up on many internet forums but there is also one more name that pops up and this name has been known since 10 years ago … Tom Welling. For years, people had been wondering if Welling had any interest in donning the Superman suit on Smallville or on the big screen and this year at Comic-Con in the press room after the final Smallville panel, the actor finally addressed his thoughts of getting to the big screen:

    “I’ve always been open to the idea. There’s just … it’s not as simple as everyone would like to think. It’s not as simple as me wanting to do it, or not wanting to do it. Um, I know a lot of people want to jump on me, or jump on Warner Bros., or why … it’s just not that simple. Um, and so there’s a lot of elements that … that have to come together and, you know, I’ve always been open to it.”

So there you have it folks, Welling apparently is interested. Now, it’s just up to the people at Warner Brothers and, most importantly, Nolan. We haven’t actually heard Nolan’s opinion on “Smallville” or on Tom Welling, but I have a few theories on what is going on with Nolan’s film and the involvement with “Smallville.”

Now, maybe Nolan hasn’t paid attention at all to Welling, but that doesn’t mean that the idea of bringing Welling in for the role is gone. WB is still going to have influence on the role and we have heard from the producers of “Smallville,” as well as cast members, that Warner Brothers has provided big support for them through the years, which I totally understand. With the ongoing court issue over the “Superman” rights, “Smallville” is, right now, the only Superman media they have going on. So casting the role before “Smallville” is over is something people won’t need to worry about. Welling has played this role for 10 years and being on for 10 years does prove he could be the right actor to take on the role. As in matter of fact: Welling did actually say a couple of years ago that he was approached for the “Superman Returns” movie before Routh — the only problem was that he knew that it would be very difficult to shoot the movie during the same time as “Smallville” was in its fifth season. It would, in the end, make him choose to either leave the show or do the movie.

I know that there are people out there that aren’t fans of “Smallville” and one of the main problems with bringing Welling in the new Superman movie series is that …

Welling in Nolan’s Movie = ‘Smallville: The Movie’

I understand completely that people are worried about Nolan’s film turning into a “Smallville” film if they go with Welling and perhaps some of the other cast members as well — such as Erica Durance, who also said at Comic-Con that she is open to the idea as well, but with a few demands such as playing with Welling, etc. But what people now really have to realize is that just because Welling has played Clark Kent/Superman on TV that his getting the role on the big screen doesn’t automatically mean the film will relate to “Smallville.” Nolan will make the film in a way that he wants to do and having seen Welling for the last 10 years, Welling has proven he is this generation’s Superman and if he would have to portray Superman totally different from what “Smallville” has done, he could handle it and make it a success.

I know that bringing in an unknown actor — like they did with Routh in “Superman Returns” — was, for people who liked the movie, a really good thing to do. However, superhero movies today are cast differently than they were just four years ago and I just don’t see an unknown actor as an good idea anymore when it comes to Superman. People look at Tom Welling as some kind of teenage-idol in a superhero-drama show — and maybe he was just that a couple of years ago — but now he is so much more than that. Welling, first of all, definitely has the look of Superman and the right personality for the role. Through the years, some have described Welling’s portrayal of Clark Kent as not “Superman-ish,” but season 9 really changed that, and even though it has taken a while, it was definitely worth it. Welling proved, at least to me and to a lot of people out there, that he is the Superman for this generation and I don’t see anyone else being the right person than him. I highly recommend Superman fans watch these two episodes from season 9 to see what I mean: “Absolute Justice” and “Salvation” (especially “Salvation”).

As much as I would love to have most of the “Smallville” cast in the movie, doing that would then make Nolan’s film into a “Smallville” movie rather than just having Welling as Superman. I can imagine Tom and Erica Durance and the rest (depending on which character Nolan is bringing in) recast … but that doesn’t really have anything to do with my main purpose of this article. Welling deserves a chance and he is entering a new step with his character — which is what will make him Superman. I know 100 percent that Welling is the one who Nolan should go for.

Welling hasn’t been in the suit, but he has proven he understands the responsibility of the character. And he has proven that he is worthy of playing Superman.

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  1. cathvin87 #

    Tom Welling SHOULD play Superman! I don’t care if anyone else from the Smallville series is cast in the movie or not, but at least HIM! He has grown into the role & although there are a lot of fans out there, there are also many more who don’t know who Tom Welling is, so to them he would be a fresh face -As the writer of this article, Andy Behbakht wrote: ‘He is the Superman of this generation & I don’t see anyone else being the right person than him’

  2. moviefan #

    very nice article andy. You brought up some good points. As for tom i def would love to see what he could bring to the film table for superman. I have enjoyed him over the yrs on sv. But i know its probably not likely. For me personally i still rather go with an all new cast. So it can be fresh and the cast can be their own take/spin on things.

  3. Adam Poynter #

    I agree with you, was a huge fan of Smallville, watched it from day 1 thru season 6, then my work schedule dint allow me to watch it anymore. I need to pick up the last few seasons on dvd. I think what Toms statement at Comic_Con means is that he wants to do it, but doesnt want to put pressure on the studios. Also the next Superman will most likely be cast as the Superman in the upcoming Justice League movie, so you have that to consider as well!

  4. moviefan #

    i still doubt we will see a jl film any time soon. Wb right now seems to want to do solo films for at least flash/ww before a jl film. And with how long its taking wb to get to these characters. And still needing to get a successful superman film out. I dont expect a jl film for at least another 5-7 yrs.

  5. Adam Poynter #

    Original reports said that a Justice league film was slated for 2012 but with all of the reboots it got pushed back.

  6. 6

    Tom Welling is Superman FTW!!! I’m with ya =) and Erica Durance as his Lois Lane would be icing on a very delicious cake.

  7. moviefan #

    no the original plan was for jl with that jlm film during the whole writers strike. But thankfully it didnt happen. But with how long its taking wb/dc to get to characters i still say we probably wont get a jl movie to we at least get one film out of flash and/or ww first. Then a jl film after. But ww isnt really moving for variety of reasons. And flash does seem to be getting some movement but its likely wont be to at least 2013 with batman 3 and superman reboot the main things up now that gl is in post production.

  8. LoisKent #

    We have grow up with Tom Welling as he has matured into Superman. His boyish charm has turned into manly strength. When I think of Superman I think of Tom Welling. The magnetic relationship between Tom Welling and Eric Durance is epic. They both should be in the next Superman Movie or Smallville movie. Their many fans would love to see them on the big screen. My vote is for Tom Welling as Superman and Erica Durane as Lois Lane.

  9. 1eclecticviewer #

    Great article! I’m with you 100%. Tom Welling is this generation’s Superman. Chris Nolan should take that into account. And if he could have Erica Durance as Lois Lane in it as well, I can die happy.

  10. JODI #

    TOM!!!!!!! He is the ONLY SUPERMAN!!! Erica Rocks as well!!!!!!

  11. Apple El #


  12. Fernanda #

    I LOVED THIS ARTICLE!!! Tom deserves it! And, if possible, make Erica Durance be Lois Lane! She owned the character!

  13. Tammy #

    Even if both Tom and Erica were cast as Superman and Lois, or even if more of the Smallville cast were used, I don’t think it would make the movie Smallville. The movie will live and die on the acting, script, and directing. Nolan has proven he can take even an old and stale and boring franchise like Batman and make it new and fresh. And he can do wonders with Superman as well, with Tom Welling and Erica!

  14. 14

    Tom Welling is the best, and only real choice…. If anyone else is hired I will not see the movie, and im a fan of Superman, and been a Superman fan all my life, and im 32 years old.

    But Tom Welling is this Generations Superman… PERIOD!

  15. Tolbert #

    It’s not gonna happen.

  16. James m lee #

    I just got done watching smarter than a fifth grader and some guy named max aria not sure that’s his last name but this guy is a spitting image of reeves himself. Give this guy the dark hair and he could be a twin. Not a joke! dead serious! Someone needs to look into this.

  17. Steven Dunetz #

    Tom Welling proved that he can hold his own. He is a box office smash! 10 years on Smallville and the show was not cancelled due to no watchers. He stopped the show due to lack of good story lines and action for that show. He is bankable! He is the best to draw people at the box office! I won’t pay to see Superman if Welling can’t play him !!!

  18. Rebecca Hart #

    I am really tired of these casting agents taking people who have done a great job in their roles on television and then discarding the obvious; giving them the role in the movies being made for the same role. I for one have decided that because of such decisions as the one in which Tom Welling will not be playing the role of Superman in the new movie to be made ang giving the role to someone else I will not go to see the movie…I would have gone and taken my family and friends with me if they had given the role to Tom Welling. I feel he deserved the role. I have seen this happen with spider man as well and have decided not to see that new movie as well. When are these producers and casting agents going to grow up and give the viewing public what they want. I believe that they are being as controling and stuiped as all of the polititions out there now. Regardless of what we want; they disregard our imput and think they can always impose their will on us…Well I am protesting by not feeding the box office money machine.

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