A Clip from Scary Movie 5


Scary-Movie-5-TrailerIf the “Scary Movie” franchise is good at anything, it’s knowing that it’s junk and I mean that in a good way. It’s pretty hard to criticize films that know exactly what they are and where they stand. When the players embrace that idea and are not afraid to poke fun of their celebrity, that is something I can appreciate.

In this clip from “Scary Movie 5,” we see Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan take their tabloid infamy under their arm and laugh in its face. It’s quite funny and above all entertaining, which is the whole point. Does it make me want to rush out and see “Scary Movie 5?” Not necessarily, but that’s a whole different subject matter.

Hats off to Lohan and Sheen who also know where their presence stands in the media. Regardless of your opinion on either of these actors, take a moment, check em out, have a laugh, if it’s okay with them, it’s okay for the audience.

“Scary Movie 5” will be haunting a theater near you starting April 12.

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