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“The Mechanic” is more than an assassin, he is a strategist. His job takes a lot of research and knowledge before actual “execution,” no pun intended. This is one of the aspects I loved about the original “The Mechanic,” which starred Charles Bronson. We follow him through various contracts he must terminate. We see him scope the areas, and create new and exciting ways to eliminate his targets. With each new job getting more and more creative, while at the same time impressing us with his tricks-of-the-trade.

With this re-make starring Jason Statham, it seems it won’t be much different … well not according to this clip below and all I’ve seen so far. This is one action movie I am personally looking forward to. I am also glad this clip came out, since I had not heard a peep about the movie for a while.

Jason Statham is a one-of-a-kind action star. He has built himself a large fan-base and has earned the respect of other action stars. The fact that he was actually in “The Expendables” with those other older guys says it all. In that movie, he wasn’t the young guy the older guys were actually passing the torch on to, he was one of them! He was actually able to play the best friend to the 60-something lead star. To me, that speaks oodles about what the action community thinks about Statham.

With “The Mechanic,” Statham’s first action movie since “The Expendables,” we are getting a little of everything we love to see Statham doing: car racing, shooting, fighting, and this time, taking on an apprentice. But I hope the outcome is different to the original movie this time around. I really hope director Simon West can pull some new tricks out of his hat, and give us a high-quality action movie. If it could resemble his previous works — like “Con Air” — we could actually be in for a treat.

I am also looking forward to watching three very different actors in Jason Statham, Ben Foster and Donald Sutherland interacting together. They are different ages and from different genres, yet here they are together. I loved Sutherland and Statham together in “The Italian Job” and I hope to see them again in the sequel.

The clip below is for a key scene in the movie. Arthur (The Mechanic) confronts his contact and shows him just how good he really is. They chase him down and the clip ends. It is a very cool clip, because it doesn’t give away much, but it drops us right in the middle of the story. It definitely whet my curiosity and got me excited to watch the movie.

Check it out for yourself and then post your thoughts about it in the comment section.

“The Mechanic” with shoot its way into theaters on Jan. 28,  2011.

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  1. bigge3021 #

    Woah!! That was a great scene. Been looking forward to seeing “The Mechanic” for sometime (as you know a big Jason Statham fan). I just saw the red band trailer and it made me even more excited to see it. =)

  2. 2

    Seriously!!! Why have my baby Jason Statham and my other baby Ben Foster never worked together? They have great chemistry! Loved everything about this movie. Totally have to see it again.

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