Trailer Talk: ‘Waiting for Forever’


You moved away from your childhood best friend when you were 10 years old, and years later, you have the opportunity to reconnect with her. Will that friendship still be there, and can it develop into a romance? That’s what the jobless Will (Tom Sturridge of “Pirate Radio”) wants to know.

Will’s old BFF Emma (Rachel Bilson) returns to her hometown after her TV show gets canceled and her father (Richard Jenkins) gets sick. Will is back in town as well, and it seems like he’s never stopped thinking about Emma. From the trailer, I’m not entirely sure the feeling is 100 percent mutual — especially because there’s a guy who wants to marry Emma. But Will seems pretty determined to get Emma back into his life.

Filled with pretty cool shots from Will and Emma’s childhood, the trailer shows this could be an interesting romance that isn’t run of the mill. The film also stars Blythe Danner, Nikki Blonsky and Matthew Davis (“Legally Blonde”).

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  1. chase #

    I have been “waiting for forever” to see this flick.

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