A First Look at ‘Burlesque’


“Burlesque” is a new movie musical about a neo-burlesque club and a small-town girl who finds herself working there. Cher is the madam of the house, and Kristen Bell and Christina Aguilera are featured performers. Stanley Tucci also has a supporting role, and Diablo Cody may or may not have been involved in the early development of the script (details on her part are still a bit fuzzy). Basically, “Burlesque” has the potential to be just as crazy, but less tragic than “Moulin Rouge!” (and yes, that’s a good thing). So color me disappointed that this “first look” reveals so little.

Entertainment Tonight pays a visit to the set to chat with stars Cher, Tucci, Bell, Aguilera, and newcomer Julianne Hough. And the most I can get out of it is that everyone thinks it’s awesome to be able to work with Cher. Which I’m sure it is, but I need more!

Let’s see some costumes! Are there lots of feathers and rhinestones? Because so help me god, if there aren’t a ton of feathers and rhinestones in this movie…

How about a musical number? No one cares as much about Cher’s return to the movies as they do about what she’s going to perform. And what she’s going to wear. Or not wear (this being Cher, after all).

Dancing! Isn’t burlesque all about the dancing? So let’s have a sneak peek at the big dance number the main character does when she inevitably discovers that the burlesque club is where she belongs.

But Entertainment Tonight just pitches some softball questions and then leaves us hanging, waiting for more. At least we’re assured that everyone is REALLY stoked to be working with Cher. I was seriously concerned about that.

“Burlesque” will make your grandparents blush on Nov. 24.

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  1. Jen #

    Consider my interest piqued.

  2. Koval #

    I hope it’s better than “Nine.”

  3. 3

    I like to pretend that “Nine” never happened. That way I can still respect everyone involved in it and look forward to their future projects.

  4. kerry #

    looks good

  5. Gong Fu #

    I will be skipping this.

  6. ZEKE #