A Scene from ‘The Eastwood Factor’


No doubt about it: Clint Eastwood is a Hollywood icon, both as an actor and a director. Film historian Richard Schickel must have thought it was time for audiences to see the macho man behind “Dirty Harry” and “Gran Torino.” In “The Eastwood Factor,” Eastwood discusses his past movies and also his exclusivity with Warner Brothers. He visits his personal costume closet and the locations of some of his movie sets. The documentary also shows Eastwood shooting his latest directorial effort, “Invictus” (which just came out on DVD).

The big screen star, who turned 80 last week, is seen in this clip, called “Stories,” walking along a beach and explaining why he’s still in the entertainment business. “I continue working, and everyone wonders why I continue working at this stage… I keep working because there’s always new stories.

This in-depth profile of Eastwood, narrated by Morgan Freeman (his co-star in “Million Dollar Baby”), was debuted on TCM on Memorial Day, although that was a 90-minute version. The extended edition is out in stores now.

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