A Scene from the New ‘Shrek’ Movie


As one chapter in one’s life closes, another opens, and sometimes people from our past come back into our lives and we are often surprised by the transformations they have taken. Walking into a high school reunion one may not even recognize some of the attendees at said reunion. In the upcoming “Shrek” movie, Shrek himself experiences such a scenario with Puss.

Puss has, needless to say, “let himself go.” Shrek (Mike Myers) is a little taken aback by the fact that not only has Puss literally doubled in size, but also that he no longer is able to wear his boots. The following clip is both cute and yet a little disturbing! The difference between the high school reunion scenario and Shrek’s unique predicament is this: the voice of Puss (Antonio Banderas) it’s absolutely unmistakable.

Makes me wonder what the other characters are bringing to the table as far as not keeping to the “norm” of their personalities and appearances. “Shrek The Third” was wildly disappointing to me, and it seemed really short (I don’t know maybe I’m just getting old). Based on what I have seen from the “fourth-coming” film, however, I have been super-excited to see what Shrek and his posse are going to be up to. Puss, ah Puss, with those “love me” eyes and that sassy voice and attitude, has always been one of my favorite characters out of the “Shrek” films. And now there is even more to love.

On a side note: What is this movie actually called these days? First, it was “Shrek Goes Forth,” then “Shrek Forever After” and now, possibly, “Shrek: The Final Chapter.” It might be nice to have the name situated before the movie hits theaters starting May 21.)

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  1. Adam P #

    I completely concur, ‘Puss’ is my favorite addittion to the “SHREK” franchise after the first film. Like Jessika said, although the third film was a bust and the addittion of Justin Timberlake was just a terrible way to try to draw in young movie-goers I have raised my hopes a bit for this fourth and final chapter. Hopefully they learned their lesson from the last film and really worked out the kinks in the storyline and character development.

  2. E. Ferrier #

    What’s happened to Shrek’s voice? He sounds less Scottish than normal. Have they made Myers tone down the accent?

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