A Sneak Peek at J.J. Abrams’ ‘Super-8’


It’s weird to think J.J. Abrams got his start in something as mundane as “Felicity.” Now whenever you hear the name J.J. Abrams, you’re bound to think along the lines of sci-fi. With the release of the teaser trailer for his new movie “Super 8,” it looks like Abrams is staying on the sci-fi path.

Like the name implies, the trailer below is a tease. It starts with a train passing and a text screen informing us that in 1979 the Air Force closed off a section of Area 51. Then we are told that the material was being transported to a facility in Ohio, but as the footage shows us a truck slams into the train which much be transporting the material. Finally “it arrives” pops up on screen and we see something pounding at a door on the train. We aren’t shown characters, given a plot (only a back story), and have no idea what was in that train. I have no doubt this will be a success.

Not only has Abrams become known for sci-fi, but also for being very successful. “Cloverfield” and “Star Trek” were box office hits and “Alias,” “Lost” and “Fringe” have all have a massive fan following. Since Abrams is good at what he does, I don’t doubt “Super 8” will open big and have some great reviews — even if the trailers are just as teasing as this one.

“Super 8” will in theatres summer of 2011. It is directed by JJ Abrams and produced by Steven Spielberg, Abrams and Bryan Burk.

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  1. Robert D. #

    Looking forward to it. JJ has a great mind. I just wish it wasn’t a full year away.

  2. HeroesFan2 From Twitter #

    GREAT blog post! Thank you for writing one just for this. My favorite thing about his movies are the graphics!

    Thanks Again.

    -HeroesFan2 From Twitter

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