A ‘24’ Movie: What We Know So Far


The final episode for the “24” TV show is racing at us (along with bullets and explosions from Jack Bauer’s wrath). But no matter how exciting these episodes are, fans are already feeling the emptiness of the series ending. Kiefer Sutherland himself is feeling it — in a recent interview he said he was not ready to let go of this special character.

Lucky for us, and him, the top secret script for the “24” movie has been finished and turned in. He will now get to play his beloved character on the big screen and the fans are excited. Sure, Monday nights will not be the same for “24” fans, ever again. But it is good to know that we will be seeing Jack Bauer and friends once again.

What will the plot be? Well, the screenplay is finished — Billy Ray (“State of Play” and “Shattered Glass”) finished writing it weeks ago — and it is now being reviewed by Kiefer and Company. But it is all hush-hush for now. “We’ve always had to have the situation come to us,” Sutherland explained. “But now it’s feasible to get Jack Bauer from Eastern Europe to England during the movie.” The real time won’t be a restriction anymore. It was mentioned recently that, as of now, the movie finds Jack all over Eastern Europe, but particularly in Prague. He also hinted the movie could deal with a more personal threat, similar to season one of “24.” Sutherland said: “It doesn’t have to be a bomb, it can be something personal that people understand.”

Will it be real time? The movie events will all occur in one day, but it will all be condensed into a two-hour movie. In other words, it will be “a two-hour representation of a day.” We can expect them to skip all the unnecessary stuff and skip to the action. Because if there is anything we can expect from 24, it’s action.

Who will return from the show? Of all the cast members past and present, only Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub) is being considered to appear alongside Jack. That means that either no old faces will pop-up, or they haven’t worked any deals with anyone else yet. Personally, I am hoping for a Tony Almeida-Jack Bauer reunion.

How soon can we expect to see it? The film could be out as soon “as early as next year, depending on how things come together,” producer Howard Gordon told The Hollywood Reporter. Gordon also said, “The opportunity [of a movie] is not to use the real-time aspect of the show and also to do it on a scale the TV show never allowed.” Gordon also said he hopes the “24” movie would “happen sooner rather than later. And I think that’s Kiefer’s feeling, too.”

Also, the movie will not a be a prequel — so the events occur after season 8 of the show — but they are saying that it also is not a sequel. It will not follow the TV show storyline. It will be a new plot, for anyone to jump into. I guess they will introduce Jack to those that have no idea who he is.

So, yet another special agent with the initials J and B (James Bond, Jason Bourne and now Jack Bauer) will be headed to the big screen. How do you feel about this? Speak your mind in the comment section to the right.

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  1. 1

    Josh: Awesometastic article. I like the comment about the super heroes all having the same initials.

    I can’t wait to see the movie. Thank goodness Chloe is in it with Jack.

  2. bigge3021 #

    Wonderful Article, Josue. I laugh because I didn’t think of special agent’s initials (JB)that had done movies and Jack Bauer is next. You know how excited I am about this movie and will be more excited when the TV series wraps up in few weeks. =( I really hope that Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub)is in this movie. Just can’t wait to see 24 the movie sooner than later. =)

  3. Darian #

    I hope they make this movie!

  4. Mo GB #

    Unfortunately, I don’t see this movie happening.

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